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Here on Norfolk’s east coast, we’re hugely experienced in handling supplies for the offshore, renewable, decommissioning, agri-bulk and aggregates markets. And we can grow. We have about 40 acres of land available to develop to suit your needs.

We have berths of up to 10 metres at CD, with a small range of 1-2 metres and a 24-hour pilotage service. Our established and extensive local supply chain has 50 years’ experience in serving the Energy industry.

And if vehicles are your thing, we can handle automotive cargo too. We recently had 3,000 Hyundai cars arrive in the port.

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Port location

At Peel Ports Great Yarmouth we’re strategically placed to serve the oil and gas fields of the southern North Sea and the existing and planned offshore wind development off the UK’s east coast. We have an established history of supplying the offshore, renewable and decommissioning sectors and the agribulks and aggregate markets. The port has approximately 40 acres of land available for development and offers the shortest North Sea crossing to the northern continental European ports.

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Commodities at Great Yarmouth


On Norfolk’s east coast, Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is hugely experienced in handling supplies for the offshore, renewable, decommissioning, agri-bulk and aggregates markets. And we can grow - we have about 40 acres of land available to develop to suit your needs.

We have berths of up to 10 metres, with a small range of 1-2 metres and a 24-hour pilotage service. Our established and extensive local supply chain has 50 years’ experience in serving the Energy industry.

We also have the expertise and capacity to move vehicles through the port quickly, carefully and cost effectively.



With our wide-ranging storage equipment and expertise, Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is the perfect partner for handling Agribulk cargoes. We’re ideally placed to offer you an unparalleled service. Whether your product is grain, wheat or barley, our knowledge, customer focus, handling expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal port solution. Efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.


At Great Yarmouth, we are happy to handle automotive cargo through the port. In 2016, the largest ever vessel arrived carrying 3,300 Hyundai cars. This dedicated RoRo vessel was 200m in length and weighed in at 64,000 tonnes.

We also have dedicated, purpose-built, secure port-side storage facilities for vehicles waiting for distribution.

Dry bulks

At Peel Ports Great Yarmouth Cargo Handling (ECH), we provide expert cargo handling and stevedores for all types of import and export commodities, including dry bulks and agri-bulks.

We know we can handle the most demanding of projects and will work with you to tailor our service to suit your needs. There are multiple berths available in the river port and outer harbour and we receive, handle, load and discharge all types of cargo, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth.

Energy products

We have what is possibly the largest concentration of offshore wind projects in the world within 100 miles of our port. Which means we couldn’t be better placed to support marshalling, construction and installation operations for these projects. We help with the ongoing operations and maintenance of wind farm developments in the North Sea with our experienced labour, facilities and infrastructure.

Our offshore team, which includes specialist consulting engineers, works closely with offshore project owners, promoters and their supply chain to maximise the efficiency of operations from the facilities at the port.

We also offer facilities for clean energy technology and projects as part of our focus on the Energy industry. We have Local Development Order (LDO) permitted development rights and we are a core part of the Energy Enterprise Zone (EZ). This means clean energy developments don’t need further planning permission which means less risk for you.

Forest products

Every year Peel Ports Group handles and stores around 1.3 million tonnes of forest bulk products. These travel onto a wide range of industries and manufacturers around the UK.

You want to improve the efficiency and value of your supply chain, and our stevedoring, reprocessing and dispatch services can be tailored to do exactly that. You can move packaging paper, publishing paper, woodpulp, timber and panel products quickly and efficiently through our port.


Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is England’s premier offshore support port, second only to Aberdeen in the UK.

The port is an established centre of excellence, further enhanced by the addition of the deep-water outer harbour. This means we can handle most offshore support vessels, construction rigs and specialist vessels. We also have an experienced labour, facilities and support infrastructure to make this port the obvious choice in this sector.


RoRo capable linkspan and access to deep berth.

Solutions at Great Yarmouth


Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is a modern multi-purpose port, with a new deep-water outer harbour and an established river port.

We have close connections with our local supply chain and can offer a wide range of tailored solutions from automotive logistics to stevedoring. Click on the links to find out more about the solutions we can provide which will help move your cargo through Great Yarmouth.

Automotive logistics

You can park any concerns you have about transporting vehicles thanks to our leading Automotve logistics. Here at Great Yarmouth, we have the experience, facilities and drive to keep your supply chain running smoothly. We have dedicated and secure port-side storage for vehicles waiting for distribution and can easily handle your automotive cargo with our revamped port services and stevedoring. Our new outer harbour has the ability to accommodate large RoRo vessels and recently disembarked 3,300 Hyundai cars from the largest ship in the world.

Marine services

Our Marine Department provides essential Marine services and unique solutions to all shipping operators at the port. This ensures the smooth operation of your supply chain and avoids the potential for log jams. We offer everything from tug services, marine pilotage, pilot transfer services, hydrographic surveying to maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services.

Wherever your vessel moves in Great Yarmouth, it is scheduled and controlled through our vessel traffic service or local control centre.

Offshore solutions

Here at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth we are market leaders in offshore fabrication and installation operations. For instance we’re unique in the UK when it comes to wind farming in that we can combine our land, facilities, fabrication and installation capabilities and partnerships, to offer you a one-stop-shop for storage, supply, logistics and O&M.

We help you maximise your offshore opportunities as much as we help you maximise your onshore ones. It’s a service portfolio that perfectly complements our own renewable energy, marine and project cargo offerings.


We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals working for us here at Port of Great Yarmouth. No task is too large for our friendly, resourceful and experienced stevedores who recently offloaded 3,300 Hyundai cars from the largest ship in the world. They can turn their skills to a multitude of scenarios and are well versed in handling a wide range of commodities through the port from loading and offloading vehicles to parking them safely in our dedicated, secure port-side storage facilities.

Port security

At Peel Ports Great Yarmouth we want the equipment and the goods we have on-site to be safe and well cared for. That’s why we make sure that our Port Security Authority operates according to best in class standards, promising confidence in the safety and security of you and your assets.

We ensure that the quality of their security isn’t just high, but consistent with the highest expectations of the industry. Great Yarmouth's unique geography and the facility infrastructure were taken into account when we designed the port's security systems. So you can have the complete peace of mind knowing that, whatever goods you have, they’re being handled and stored in one of the most secure port environments in the UK.


Our Property team at Great Yarmouth construct, refurbish and develop property to enhance your unique requirements. Our facility-rich range of sites gives you the ability and flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want, when you want. Storage, process or simply cross-dock for onward transport, all are deliverable within our extensive estate.

For more information on the current available properties and land at Great Yarmouth please contact the Senior Surveyor for Port of Great Yarmouth, Richard Williams by clicking HERE.

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