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Welcome to Peel Ports Group Marine Hub.

Here you will find information about marine services such as pilotage, aids to navigation, tugboat operations, and more that are available across each of our ports to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of vessel traffic in and out of our harbours.

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Notices here added in the past 10 days. To view all LIVE notice to mariners, please visit the ‘View Notices’ tab on marine location pages.

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How we can help you.

Peel Ports Group’s Marine Departments are the first link in the chain of access to some of the most efficient and competitive range of port facilities available throughout the UK. They coordinate and manage the provision of key marine services to shipping operators. Scroll down to filter by port.


Company policies

Marine company policies (7)
Boarding And Landing Document(1826KB)Environmental Policy 2024(67KB)Pilotage Policy 2024(75KB)The Ports & Marine Facilities Safety Code Policy Statement(149KB)Enforcement And Prosecution Policy 2024(81KB)Navigational Safety Policy 2024(113KB)Training Policy 2024(79KB)

Safety management systems

Safety management systems (7)
PMSC Compliance letter(83KB)PMSC Designated Person Contact Details(110KB)PMSC Guide to good practice(8208KB)PMSC Port Marine Safety Code(3948KB)202104 PMSC Terminal guidance(99KB)R4177 DP Annual Rpt Final 17Mar23(1649KB)20240220 MSMS Vol.1 LIVE(2010KB)

Important Notice to Mariners

CNTM Index 11Th June 2024(139KB)CNTM 01 24 Cancellation Of Clydeport Notices To Mariners Published During 2023(105KB)CNTM 02 24 General Directions Pilotage(368KB)CNTM 03 24 Firth Of Clyde Port Of Greenock Relocation Of Lateral Marks(285KB)CNTM 04 24 Russian Vessels Entering UK Ports(118KB)CNTM 05 24 River Clyde Former Bowling Terminal Temporary Discharge Pipeline(243KB)CNTM 06 24 River Clyde Glasgow Princes Dock Floating Garden(146KB)CNTM 08 24 River Clyde Rothesay Dock Layby Berth Construction(411KB)CNTM 10 24 River Clyde BAE Govan Removal Of Temporary Bund(294KB)CNTM 11 24 Loch Fyne Gob A Bharra Fish Farm Wreck Recovery(149KB)CNTM 12 24 Loch Gair Sunken Yacht(221KB)CNTM 13 24 Pilot Launch Fuel Surcharge(113KB)CNTM 24 24 Safety And Technology Surcharges Ferry Vessels(135KB)CNTM 25 24 Safety And Technology Surcharges Non Ferry Vessels(136KB)CNTM 31 24 River Clyde Construction Of Govan To Partick Footbridge(323KB)CNTM 32 24 Firth Of Clyde Millport Flood Prevention Scheme (1) (1)(316KB)CNTM 42 23 Firth Of Clyde Hunterston Discontinuation Of Aton(109KB)CNTM 48 23 River Clyde BAE Scotstoun & Govan Dredging Works(534KB)CNTM 53 24 Loch Fyne Minard Bay Sunken Vessel(230KB)CNTM 54 24 Firth Of Clyde Port Of Greenock Delivery Of Cranes(263KB)CNTM 56 24 RIVER CLYDE SURVEYING(213KB)CNTM 57 23 Firth Of Clyde Hunterston Aton Extinguished(109KB)CNTM 58 24 Firth Of Clyde Port Of Greenock Delivery Of Crane(280KB)CNTM 59 24 Firth Of Clyde Hunterston Hydrographic Survey(376KB)SNTM 01 V3 Contact Details Clyde Marine Managers(108KB)SNTM 02 V1 Passage Planning(107KB)SNTM 03 V1 Safe Speed(102KB)SNTM 04 V1 Testing Of Machinery Controls(88KB)SNTM 05 V1 Incident Reporting And Navigational Aids Defects(110KB)SNTM 06 V1 Naval Vessels And The Dockyard Port(97KB)SNTM 07 V3 Use Of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) In Clydeport Jurisdiction(122KB)SNTM 08 V1 Towage Operations(120KB)SNTM 09 V1 Diving(113KB)SNTM 10 V1 Port Waste Reception Facilities(124KB)SNTM 11 V1 Leisure Craft(188KB)SNTM 12 V1 Major Sailing Events(86KB)SNTM 13 V1 Bridges(182KB)SNTM 14 V1 Small Boat Pontoons Glasgow(109KB)SNTM 15 V1 Bowling Harbour(122KB)SNTM 16 V1 Fishing(214KB)SNTM 17 V1 Pilot Ladder Safety(135KB)SNTM 18 V1 Use Of Heaving Lines(141KB)SNTM 19 V1 Holy Loch Sandbank Draught Table(169KB)SNTM 20 V1 NAABSA BERTHS(108KB)
Great Yarmouth(2)
PPGY NTM 30 2024 Diving Operations At Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour Berth WT4(154KB)PPGY NTM 31 2024 Bathymetric Survey Great Yarmouth River Port & Outer Harbour(185KB)
LNTM 2024-12 - Illegal Disposal of a Smoke Signal(262KB)LNTM 2024-16 - Speed Restriction at Liverpool Landing Stage(141KB)LNTM 2024-18 - Further Encroachment of Askew Spit at C9(339KB)LNTM 2024-26 - Defect Reporting(197KB)LNTM 2024-29 - Temporary Closures of Langton Lock(164KB)LNTM 2024-30 - Quayside Obstruction at North Gladstone Branch Dock No.1(180KB)LNTM 2024-31 - Restrictions at the Brocklebank-Canada Passageway(171KB)LNTM 2024-32 - Temporary Removal of Aids to Navigation(204KB)
London Medway(3)
Ntom No 31 Of 2024 Sheerness Harbour No.2 Berth Quay Reinforcement Works(297KB)Ntom No 25 Of 2024 Kingsferry Bridge Closures (Updated 10.06.24)(237KB)Ntom No 32 Of 2024 Rochester Bridge Survey Work And Span Closure(177KB)
Manchester Ship Canal(1)
MNTM 2024-18 - Temporary Closures of Queen Elizabeth II Lock(183KB)