Extended Solutions

BG Freight Line

BG Freight Line, part of the Peel Ports Group, provides a comprehensive range of logistics services to and from Ireland, the UK and continental Europe. These services include door-to-door shipping, feedering and quay-to-quay shipping for all types of containerised cargo.

Their strong network, and customer-focussed approach means that BG Freight Line provide fast solutions that ensures your cargo reaches its destination on time. 

Their fixed weekly sailing schedule ensures that your goods are transported to market as quickly as possible. Other high-volume carriers can also use this service to move bulk goods in specialised tanks and other equipment. They provide an integrated service using rail, barge and truck transport to collect your goods and deliver them to their final destination as efficiently as possible.

Peel Ports Logistics

As one of the UK’s leading shipping and freight forwarders, Peel Ports Logistics provide a comprehensive portfolio of services by land and sea. Peel Ports Logistics takes pride in the service they offer by providing tailor made solutions to meet the individual needs of their customers.

They provide chartering and a range of port services including freight forwarding, customs clearance, ships agency, container trucking, warehousing, storage, and distribution services.

Their fully integrated solutions combine shipping, port operations, storage and transport services to simplify your logistic flows around the world.

They take the complexity out of your supply chain model and provide cost effective, carbon friendly services, for a truly integrated ‘One-Stop-Shop’ logistics network.