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The Port of Liverpool is one of the world’s leading ports, with a deep-rooted history and an exciting future. Constant investment in equipment, expertise and services shaped by the needs of our customers means that we can offer innovative solutions to help businesses grow and succeed.

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West coast hub

With deep water berths, state-of-the-art facilities and future-proofed equipment, the port’s strategic location on both sides of the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal means that it’s also one of the country’s best connected.

The Port of Liverpool operates two container terminals, the Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT) and Liverpool2. The two main terminals are complemented by facilities at Greenock in Scotland, Dublin in Ireland and at inland ports along the Manchester Ship Canal.

Significant investment in infrastructure and technology means that the Port of Liverpool is at the cutting edge of the global logistics industry. As well as offering everything you would expect from a leading port operator, we’ve driven innovation with the creation of an advanced container terminal at Liverpool2, purpose-built terminals for biomass and steel and multi-user warehousing to suit the diverse needs of our customers.

Liverpool provides the quickest and cheapest route to major markets and is the best connected container terminal in the country, with ten motorways located within ten miles. By choosing Liverpool, you can take advantage of our strategic location, hinterland connectivity and a closer proximity to UK import and export markets, reducing cost, carbon and congestion.


With its multi-million deep water container terminal, Liverpool2 is ideally positioned to offer an alternative to traditional service routes and is well placed for transatlantic trade, and is a viable call for the sub-continent, Far East services and deep-sea lines. Partnering with the Port of Liverpool gives you access to round-the-clock services using best in class terminal operating systems. The port’s central location means that multimodal connection services via road and rail get your cargo where it needs to be via the most efficient route possible. We are able to offer close proximity to markets, creating a more reliable and sustainable way for cargo owners to get their goods to their end destination.

Royal Seaforth Container Terminal (RSCT)

RSCT is the Port of Liverpool’s longest servicing container terminal. It has undergone significant investment in recent years including widening of passage entrance into Seaforth Basin, as well as, the addition of three new ship-to-shore (STS) cranes with increased height and reach, adding capacity to the dedicated vehicle storage area to handle ACL’s growing cargo requirements

The terminal has direct deep-sea and short-sea connections to a range of countries, including a direct transatlantic service from ACL, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus and Turkey, in addition to a number of feeder services connecting Liverpool India, Africa and South America, as well as, a niche Far East service.

Value-added services

Our strengths lie in the diversity of our capacity, whether you’re looking for unaccompanied roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) services, project cargo handling or multi-user warehousing, you can rely on the Port of Liverpool to provide a logistics solution best tailored to suit your needs.
The port is also home to the £400m Liverpool2 terminal, a shining light in container shipping with advanced facilities, port-side storage and the flexibility to meet the demands of each and every customer, growing in strength each year with major connections worldwide.

  • Strategically located position
  • Deep water capabilities
  • Leading infrastructure, equipment and services
  • Irish Sea Hub
  • Warehousing and Storage solution
  • Immediate access to major road and rail networks

Peel Ports Liverpool sits on both banks of the River Mersey in a strategic vantage point within the North West with direct links to major UK motorway networks. Your journey need not begin and end in Liverpool, with a purpose-built rail terminal allowing us to coordinate the onward transportation of your cargo seamlessly and efficiently.

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Peel Ports Liverpool sits on both banks of the River Mersey in a strategic vantage point within the North West with direct links to major UK motorway networks. Your journey need not begin and end in Liverpool, with a purpose-built rail terminal allowing us to co-ordinate the onward transportation of your cargo seamlessly and efficiently.

Commodities we handle

Heavy investment in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, as well as decades of experience, means that whatever the commodity or whatever the challenge, the Port of Liverpool is able to handle it.

Providing a service fit for the future is central to our offering. This includes the building of a £100m biomass facility, investing in the facilities to support offshore renewables projects, automated gates to reduce queues and opening the UK’s first fully automated steel terminal – among many others.

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Offshore / Decommissioning

Services at Liverpool

Here at Peel Ports Liverpool we’re ideally placed to provide you with unique, tailor made solutions to ensure you have an efficient and effective supply chain. Sitting on both banks of the River Mersey, we’re one of the largest and busiest ports in the UK and our strength lies in the diversity of commodities we can handle, and the range of solutions we offer.

Liverpool Marine information

At Peel Ports Group, our services don’t begin or end at the dockside when we offload or load your cargo. Helping you to get to us with the maximum ease and efficiency is just as important. That’s why we’re not simply committed to providing reliable, safe navigation for all users, we actually have a statutory duty to maintain and conserve the harbours.


The Port of Liverpool has invested £20 million in the delivery of a new 10 lane AutoGate system at the port. The fully automated AutoGate system uses state of the art identification technologies to manage gate operations, ensuring that all containers and trucks are automatically identified before entering or exiting the terminal. Advanced optical character recognition and line scan camera technology (automatically detecting seal presence) link with gate operating software and seamlessly integrates to Navis N4 and Customer Access Portal.


A wealth of experience handling automotive marques from global manufacturers and unbeatable import and export dockyard facilities and on-site storage. Modern systems designed to help ensure the cost-effective storage and transport of your vehicles with superior dockside handling to ensure vehicles are loaded/unloaded and stored with the maximum of care.

Container Depot Services.

Offering a full range of depot services for dry, refrigerated and specialist equipment. We supply a full range of services including: inspection and grading of equipment, refrigerated equipment and pre-trip inspection of equipment with electricity plug-ins, steam cleaning equipment, CSC plating, container panel and frame straightening and renewal, re-sprays and paintwork and floor repairs and renewals. Other services are available on request.


The Port of Liverpool’s Marine Department is the first link in the chain of access to some of the most efficient and competitive range of port facilities available throughout the UK. They coordinate and manage the provision of key marine services to shipping operators.

These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer services… to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services. Wherever your vessel moves in our harbours, it’s scheduled and controlled either through our vessel traffic service or respective local information service control centre.

Multi User Warehousing

Whether your requirement is 1 or 40,000 pallets, we can provide flexible, scalable warehouse solutions. Giving your business the space to grow. We have industrial, FMCG and temperature-controlled facilities available at our site in Liverpool and along the Manchester Ship Canal.

Offshore Solutions.

We help you maximise your offshore opportunities as much as we help you maximise your onshore ones. It’s a service portfolio that perfectly complements our own renewable energy, marine and project cargo offerings. One which offers specialist commercial, upgrade, conversion, fabrication, engineering and refit opportunities.

Port Security.

At the Port of Liverpool we ensure that the quality of our security isn’t just high, but consistent with the highest expectations of the industry. The Port Security Authority and Port Police maintain oversight of the port’s geography and the facility infrastructure. So you can have complete peace of mind knowing that, whatever goods you have, they’re being handled and stored in one of the most secure port environments in the UK.


Our Property team construct, refurbish and develop property to enhance your unique requirements. Our facility-rich range of sites gives you the ability and flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want, when you want. Storage, process or simply cross-dock for onward transport, all are deliverable within our extensive estate.


We offer a range of solutions related to the onward transportation of goods. Our 'in-port' rail terminals allows us to take charge of both the loading and unloading of freight trains, giving you a seamless service between rail and water. 

Our rail service can handle containers, bulk products and more, giving you the ability to move cargo, quickly, securely and sustainably. 

Port of Liverpool Terms & Conditions

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