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Here at Liverpool Peel Ports we have a long and illustrious history, and more importantly, an exciting future. We are one of the largest, busiest and most diverse ports in the UK, and sit on both sides of the River Mersey.

To maximise efficiency a single management team operates both the port and the Manchester Ship Canal and is the most impressive shipping network in the UK.

We’re also home to Liverpool2, a new £400m deep-water container terminal, which opened in 2016. This has doubled our container capacity and made us one of the country’s best-equipped and connected terminals.

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Port location

Peel Ports Liverpool sits on both banks of the River Mersey in a strategic vantage point within the North West of the United Kingdom. The port benefits from direct links to the M53, M57, M62 and M6 (M58) motorways. There is also a rail connection within the port.

To get to the port:

From Switch Island motorway link (M57/M58), go straight on to Dunningsbridge Road (A5036). Then follow the signs for All Docks into the Maritime Centre.

From the City Centre follow the Dock Road (A565), then follow the signs posts for All Docks. This will take you to the Maritime Centre at Port of Liverpool.

Port of Liverpool Head Office
Maritime Centre
L21 1LA

Commodities at Liverpool


We are one of the largest, busiest and most diverse ports in the UK, ideally located for transatlantic trade with berths spanning both sides of the River Mersey.

The port at Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal are operated under a single management team, putting us at the heart of the most impressive shipping network in the UK. We are also home to Liverpool2, a new £400m deep-water container terminal. Which opened in November 2016, this will double the port’s container capacity.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our capacity.


Every year, Port of Liverpool handles and stores millions of tonnes of Agribulks. Our strategically placed ports have superior facilities, an excellent road, rail and sea network, and specialist, tailor-made solutions


Whether you’re importing vehicles into the UK or exporting them all over the world, you can always rely on Peel Ports Liverpool. Our location, systems, technology, PDI centres and state-of-the-art facilities will all combine to keep you in control, and make your supply chain as agile and efficient as possible.

We’re already helping VW Group, Jaguar Land Rover, GEFCO, the IM Group and Ford benefit from our automotive experience, expertise and proximity to market. Here at Peel Ports Liverpool, which is one of the largest ports in the UK, plans are in place to further develop our rapidly growing automotive capacity, utilising our excellent multi-modal sea, rail and road network access plus the most convenient RoRo routes to Ireland.


The Port of Liverpool is the UK’s most centrally-located container port – and one of the largest, busiest and most diverse docks in the UK. We are ideally positioned to serve the great density of nearby warehousing and manufacturing, and have excellent road, rail and sea transport connections.

We have 15 shipping services providing deep-sea and short-sea connections to the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Israel and Turkey. We also have a number of feeder services connecting Liverpool with the Far East, India, Africa and South America.

We are also home to Liverpool2, the £400 million deep-water container terminal that can allow the largest vessels to call directly into the heart of the UK. Find out more about Liverpool2 here.

Dry bulks

Every year, Port of Liverpool handles and stores millions of tonnes of dry bulks from Biomass, to aggregates and chemicals.

Our strategically positioned port has outstanding facilities, an excellent road, rail and sea network, and specialist, tailor-made solutions. We are close to major UK manufacturing bases and consumers, giving you lower transportation costs and a greener supply chain.

And last, but be no means least, we’ve recently built a new £100m biomass facility.

Energy products

Whether that energy comes from a high-tech ‘green’ offshore wind farm, renewable biomass, or conventional coal it doesn’t matter. Our expertise at Port of Liverpool can give you the storage facility you need or the space to tailor-make your own.

At Port of Liverpool we are committed to helping power the nation. Our people are not only specialists in fuel storage, we’re also experts in construction. We work closely with energy companies and local authorities to construct and develop facilities tailor-made for their unique requirements. And we can do the same for you.

The port-centric solution that gives you the best of both worlds. A perfect facility in your ideal location. One that makes your energy installation or fuel supply offering more powerful, more efficient and more cost-effective.

We have expertise in handling and storing a diverse range of energy products and components and we have extensive port estates plus the land and property to support your business growth. We have deep water berthing, handling some of the world’s largest vessels and have rail links enabling rapid and cost-effective onward transport.


Forest products

Every year Port of Liverpool handles and stores around 1.3 million tonnes of forest bulk products intended for a wide range of industries and manufacturers throughout the UK. From stevedoring to storage, reprocessing to dispatch, we can offer you a comprehensive range of services to improve efficiency and add value to your supply chain.

Port of Liverpool is close to the UK’s major forest product importers, and next to the population centres of NW England and the Midlands. Our multimodal connectivity gives us excellent links to motorway, rail and sea networks, and the Manchester Ship Canal maximising water transport and minimising use of roads. This will give both you and your customers a more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible way to deal with panels, paper and timber. Our wider group offer enables us to transfer our knowledge, expertise and capabilities across multiple port locations.

Our port-centric, specialist handling facilities are flexible and solutions are always tailored to your specific needs. Whether you ship in bulk or containers, this leads to reductions in inland haulage and secondary transit, saving you time, effort, and money.


Liquid bulks

At Port of Liverpool we see ourselves as innovators in the bulk liquids sector. The Port of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal combine to create a significant hub for bulk liquids, including petrochemical cargoes. We have over 400 vessels loading and discharging liquid bulks in Port of Liverpool each year.

It doesn’t matter whether your bulk liquids are fuels, oils, fats, additives or acids. At Peel Ports, we have the land footprint, the knowledge and the infrastructure, to help you design and build the perfect facilities on-site. With our help, you can store and process your bulk liquids expertly, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With our locations along the Manchester Ship Canal we are perfectly positioned to help you reach your customers easily wherever they are. What’s more we have the experience of partnering world class brands such as Essar, Shell, Ineos, BP, UM, World Fuels Services and New Britain Oils.



At Port of Liverpool metals come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s coil or rebar, we’re perfectly positioned to make sure that it’s handled, stored, and expertly transported  efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.

We’re the closest deep sea port to the West Midlands, where half the UK’s steel is  consumed. Our major steel terminal in Liverpool is adjacent to our container terminal as well as a deep water berth which caters for bulk shipments. Perfect  whether you want to send large or small shipments.

We also have the UK’s first fully automated steel terminal in the Liverpool Steel and Metals terminal (LSMT) located at the Port of Liverpool’s Canada dock, the terminal features a fully automated warehouse and interactive customer web portal, which mean customers will have round-the-clock instant access to the ordering process. Real time stock availability, precision coil selection and a vehicle booking system will give customers best value by minimising back office processing and paperwork, handling, and haulier turn-around time. The terminal also includes an automatic weighing facility and instant customer reporting means that customers will be able to track their order real-time from ship to door.


Project cargo

At Port of Liverpool, we handle cargo that varies from the normal to the abnormally large and excessively heavy. For us, out of gauge cargo isn’t a problem, because we have the perfect port solution. A service that handles everything from power station transformers to large silos, even wind turbines.

With Project cargo, we can completely tailor-make your handling and your journey. Whether it’s using a floating crane to load your oversized cargo directly from ship, or using the ‘Green Highway’ of the Manchester Ship Canal to get closer to the industrial heartland of Manchester – reducing CO2 emissions along the way.



Whether you’re using RoRo or LoLo vessels. Port of Liverpool has a strategically located terminal and specialised facilities you need to help you benefit from our unique Irish Sea Hub ferry network. Port of Liverpool has leading providers of RoRo services in P&O, Seatruck and Stena with multiple services every day. We take both accompanied and unaccompanied traffic.


Solutions at Liverpool


Here at Peel Ports Liverpool we’re ideally placed to provide you with unique, tailor made solutions to ensure you have an efficient and effective supply chain. Sitting on both banks of the River Mersey, we’re one of the largest and busiest ports in the UK and our strength lies in the diversity of commodities we can handle, and the range of solutions we offer.

In fact we’re more than just a port - we’re a logistics hub, offering a range of solutions from container services to multi-user warehousing. We also own and operate our own unique inland logistics hub - The Manchester Ship Canal.


Port of Liverpool has invested £20 million in the delivery of a new 10 lane AutoGate system at the port. The fully automated AutoGate system uses state of the art identification technologies to manage gate operations, ensuring that all containers and trucks are automatically identified before entering or exiting the terminal. Advanced optical character recognition and line scan camera technology (automatically detecting seal presence) link with gate operating software and seamlessly integrates to Navis N4 and Customer Access Portal.

Automotive logistics

At Peel Ports Liverpool, one of the largest ports in the UK, plans are in place to further develop our rapidly growing automotive capacity, utilising our excellent multimodal sea, rail and road network access plus the most convenient RoRo routes to Ireland.

Here are just some of the service benefits you can enjoy when you work with us:

  • A wealth of experience handling automotive marques from global manufacturers.
  • Unbeatable import and export dockyard facilities and on-site storage.
  • Modern systems designed to help ensure the cost-effective storage and  transport of your vehicles.
  • Superior automotive market knowledge and understanding.
  • Superior dockside handling to ensure vehicles are loaded/unloaded and stored with the maximum of care.

Container depot services

Port of Liverpool container deport services provides an efficient one stop shop for all depot services at Liverpool, offering a full range of depot services for dry, refrigerated and specialist equipment.

We supply a full range of services including: inspection and grading of equipment, refrigerated equipment and pre-trip inspection of equipment with electricity plug-ins, steam cleaning equipment, CSC plating, container panel and frame straightening and renewal, re-sprays and paintwork and floor repairs and renewals. Other services are available on request.

Marine services

Port of Liverpool’s Marine Department is the first link in the chain of access to some of the most efficient and competitive range of port facilities available throughout the UK. They coordinate and manage the provision of key marine services to shipping operators.

These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer services… to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services. Wherever your vessel moves in our harbours, it’s scheduled and controlled either through our vessel traffic service or respective local information service control centre.

Multi-user warehousing

At Port of Liverpool we pride ourselves in giving our customers the opportunity to warehouse their goods… then get them to market in the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective way possible.

If you want to simply store a few pallets or lease your own facility, our team of experts will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. From food to furniture, our advanced port-centric warehousing facilities can accommodate most products and volumes.

Whether your requirement is 1 or 40,000 pallets, we can provide flexible, scalable warehouse solutions. Giving your business the space to grow. We have industrial, FMCG and temperature controlled facilities available at our site in Liverpool and along the Manchester Ship Canal.

Offshore solutions

At Port of Liverpool we have a range of offshore fabrication and installation operations. For instance, with wind farming, we’re unique in the UK, combining our land, facilities, fabrication and installation capabilities and partnerships, to offer you a one-stop-shop for storage, supply, logistics and O&M.

We help you maximise your offshore opportunities as much as we help you maximise your onshore ones. That’s why, as well as all the other services we provide, we offer you world class shipbuilding and repair expertise through our associations with Cammell Laird and the A&P Group.

It’s a service portfolio that perfectly complements our own renewable energy, marine and project cargo offerings. One which offers specialist commercial, upgrade, conversion, fabrication, engineering and refit opportunities.

Port security

At Port of Liverpool we want the equipment and the goods we have on-site to be safe and well cared for. That’s why we make sure that our Port Security Authority operates according to best in class standards, promising confidence in the safety and security of you and your assets.

At Port of Liverpool we ensure that the quality of our security isn’t just high, but consistent with the highest expectations of the industry. The Port Security Authority and Port Police maintain oversight of the port’s geography and the facility infrastructure. So you can have complete peace of mind knowing that, whatever goods you have, they’re being handled and stored in one of the most secure port environments in the UK.


Our Property team at Port of Liverpool construct, refurbish and develop property to enhance your unique requirements. Our facility-rich range of sites gives you the ability and flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want, when you want. Storage, process or simply cross-dock for onward transport, all are deliverable within our extensive estate.

For more information on the current available properties at Port of Liverpool please contact the Principal Surveyor for Port of Liverpool, Patrick Hughes. Click HERE.


At Port of Liverpool we’re always looking to go that extra mile to offer a great service. Sometimes we go a whole lot further.  We want your whole cargo journey to be efficient, cost-effective, green and problem-free, not just part of it. That’s why we can now co-ordinate the onward multimodal transportation of your cargo.

At Port of Liverpool, we offer a range of solutions related to the onward transportation of goods. At Port of Liverpool we have a rail terminal, and we have plans to build more. We can take charge not only of the loading of freight trains, but also the unloading. Giving you a seamless service between rail and water. That’s just a taste of what we can do now. We have just launched a rail container service find out more HERE.


When it comes to stevedoring, at Port of Liverpool all our hands on docks are highly trained and extremely well equipped. Regardless of your cargo, unitised or non-unitised, they have the experience, expertise and machinery to safely, efficiently and speedily handle the loading and unloading of all vessels.

Our stevedoring expertise and quality have to be not merely good, but consistently excellent. The care and safety of our people and your cargo both depend on it.

Whether we’re managing your boxes on a container ship, grains from a dry bulks vessel, or large items of project cargo. We have access to the best equipment and the best-trained operators. It doesn’t matter whether that equipment is owned or leased. Whether it’s a floating crane able to lift up to 250 tonnes… or something brought in specially for a particular job. Our approach is always the same. Plan a safe, efficient operation. Put the plan into action. Stay in touch with the vessel, the agent and the customers throughout the operation.

SOLAS container weighing

From July 2016, an amendment to the SOLAS Convention will require every loaded export container ship to have its weight verified before it’s loaded on to a ship.

With all containers converging on ports to be loaded on ships, terminals have been suggested as the most logical point in the supply chain to weigh boxes. Port of Liverpool has undertaken a lengthy consultation process with the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) and its customers to develop a system that will help avoid potential export disruption for exporters. The Port of Liverpool will have the ability to weigh all containers as pert of an in-process weighing scheme, which will not impact on productivity.

Terminal operating system

Port of Liverpool has invested £9.7m in the Navis N4 Terminal Operating System, which is being rolled out across all of container terminals, enabling us to standardise group operations. Navis N4 has already been introduced at Port of Liverpool.

Container shipping and logistics

At Port of Liverpool, when it comes to containers, we tick all the right boxes for our customers. Of course we load, unload and store their goods in the safest, most efficient, most cost-effective way. But that’s only half the story. The other half involves booking systems, flexibility, repair, reliability, management and added value. Whatever the box…whatever the cargo.

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