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The ports of Sheerness and Chatham form the core terminals of Peel Ports’ London Medway cluster, which isn’t just a group of strategically placed, versatile docks, but a forward-looking business offering a range of opportunities to all our users.

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The quay to international trade

The historic ports of Sheerness and Chatham together form our London Medway cluster and provide in excess of 450 acres of facilities designed to meet the needs of customers across the South East of England and beyond.

Location is everything and our proximity to the nation’s capital – and to mainland Europe - means we’re perfectly placed to connect this thriving part of Britain with the rest of the UK and beyond.
Across Medway we work with a range of other terminal operators and collaborate to offer customers the services they need. That means we work in tandem with the wider community which includes LNG, BP Aviation and Thamesport.
Our sites handle a vast array of cargo including automotive, steel, timber, paper and Project Cargo, as well as having the ability to process RoRo and LoLo cargo. At Sheerness, we also have seven deep water berths.
We have extensive experience and can offer you full turnkey solutions, and lean on us for multiple needs – including logistics, marine and agency services. And with our ability to cater for ships of almost every size – from anywhere in the world – we are the perfect partner for your shipping needs, whatever they may be.

Our strengths

  • No lock/air draught restrictions or lengthy river navigation for quick load/discharge service
  • Strong local chain supply
  • Conveniently located on the Thames Estuary
  • Seven deep water berths
  • Immediate access to major road networks
  • Leading infrastructure, including RoRo and LoLo operations

Our connectivity benefits are clear too, with direct access to the motorway network connecting Kent with London – not to mention the rest of the UK. That, combined with our significant land footprint available for development, means that London Medway is strategically positioned to connect London, the South East of London and the Midlands to international trade.

Commodities we handle

Between Sheerness and Chatham, we can find the right solution for what you need.

Flexibility is central to the ethos we employ across the group. At London Medway, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and can handle a huge array of cargo. And with standard and dedicated warehousing, extensive open storage areas and a wide range of specialist offerings, we can be so much more than a simple logistics partner.
Our highly-trained team is capable of quickly ascertaining what will work for you, with extensive experience across a cross-section of major business sectors. And as a forward-looking organisation, we are constantly looking for ways to renew and improve our offering, meaning that when you partner with Peel Ports you partner with a business that wants to grow as you do.

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Positioned at the mouth of the Thames Estuary and with a strong local supply chain, our ports at London Medway are within close proximity to London and within easy reach of Northern Europe. We are a short distance to the M2, M20 and M25, nearby to the M20, M25 and M2, which gives our customers access to the UK’s wider roads network.
London Medway is always evolving, ensuring we can serve your needs not just today, but tomorrow. We’re currently reviewing additional RoRo capacity and developing a construction hub on-site, which would unlock even greater opportunities and cement our position as the best-connected port within reach of London.

Services at London Medway

London Medway, which is made up of Sheerness and Chatham, is a vibrant, forward-looking business offering a range of opportunities, not only because of its location but also because of the scope for development available to every Peel Ports customer. We can offer a range of solutions from automotive logistics to stevedoring.

London Medway Marine information

London Medway’s Marine Department manages the provision of vital marine services to shipping operators within the statutory harbour area.

These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer service to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services.


At London Medway we work with the UK’s biggest construction businesses, acting as a hub for transporting and storing cement, aggregates and other building materials. By consolidating our construction services across our terminals, we’re helping cut the environmental impact of the sector every day.


The Port of Sheerness handled nearly 300,000 vehicles last year. To support automotive operations at London Medway we have invested in a PDI Centre which will include pre-delivery inspection, and technical and enhancement services for around 50,000 vehicles per year.

To make our automotive service even more comprehensive, we continue to invest in upgraded facilities to maximise capacity and improve capability. This has been coupled with revamped port services and stevedoring to cope with the growing demand.


London Medway’s Marine Department manages the provision of vital marine services to shipping operators within the statutory harbour area.
These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer service to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services.

Wherever your vessel moves in London Medway, it’s scheduled and controlled through our vessel traffic service or online booking portal.


We have the land footprint, the knowledge and the infrastructure, to help you design and build the perfect facilities on site. We can give you access to the North West and Midlands manufacturing centres and together we can tailor custom-built, port-centric facilities.

Port Centric Warehousing and Logistics.

At London Medway we pride ourselves in giving our customers the opportunity to warehouse their goods… then get them to customers in the most flexible, efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Whether you want to simply store a few pallets in a multi-user warehouse or lease your own facility, our team of experts will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. We can offer you a port-centric solution in the South East near to London and the country’s major population and manufacturing regions.

Port Security.

At London Medway we want the equipment and the goods we have on-site to be safe and well cared for. That’s why we make sure our engagement with the Port Security Authority operates according to best in class standards, promising confidence in the safety and security of you and your assets.


Our port estate is built around your needs. We can offer a wide range of port-centric and specialist developments at London Medway.


We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals working for us full time here at London Medway. Currently we have a dedicated team of stevedores operating the complex machinery and offering a service which is second to none. You will benefit from their friendly resourcefulness, knowledge and experience in handling a wide range of commodities through the port.

Port Shunting.

We know how important it is for our customers that services are carried out in a time-efficient manner. To minimise any logistical delays and add value to the supply chain, we offer on-site shunting services, with our dedicated team ensuring your cargo is treated with care as it is moved to its next destination.

Timber Products.

The Port of Sheerness is strategically located within proximity to London and the South East and offers improved access to service the growing market for forest products. We handle over one million tonnes of timber and forest products each year which serves the newsprint, book paper, graphics, and packaging sectors.

With over 50 acres of timber storage facilities available, as well as, value-added services including timber treatment, pick and pack, and onward transport, the site boasts the largest terminal of its kind in the UK – making us an industry leader in bulk timber product.

London Medway Terms & Conditions

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London Medway Charges

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