Our Commitments

As a business with long heritage and local presence, we’re more than just a port to the communities we operate within.

We feel strongly about protecting ties and sharing the prosperity of our ports in order to make a lasting difference and deliver sustainable economic growth.

We aspire to make positive contributions and aim to act responsibly whilst fulfilling our core purpose of providing innovative and sustainable port centric solutions.

Benefits That Run Deep

We are a key employer in many regions across the UK and Ireland. Contributing in a way that betters communities which in turn spurs investment, creating thriving places to live.

Working with local authorities, residents and business leaders, we aim to drive investment into local services to help future proof regions, including improving road and rail connections, creating manufacturing opportunities and driving growth.

  • Working together with our communities, we can:
  • Provide job and financial security.
  • Create more jobs as part of growth strategy.
  • Enhance skills vi, education, apprenticeships and training.
  • Nurture and retain talented workers and attract new talent.
  • Attract investment for commercial and residential opportunities.
  • Drive regeneration in areas of traditional deprivation.
  • Protect and champion environmental developments.
Modern infrastructure 

Modern infrastructure benefits us all, makes jobs and lives easier and creates opportunities for investment and employment. Equally it offers a boost for the local economy with well-connected locational advantages.

Within the last 5 years, millions of pounds worth of investment have been put into key projects to help future proof business in the local area, driving hundreds of new jobs and helping secure long term opportunities.

And it is not all business; we’ve invested in creating spaces that improve wellbeing, such as green areas, parks and cycle routes.

Building a community

Many of our employees live in close proximity to our ports, and we’re a major employer across the UK. Because of this, we look to support local initiatives which mean a great deal to the people working within our business.

Our employees propose the charities and initiatives that mean most to them and we encourage our teams to actively take part in charity days and fundraising events.

Take a look at some of the initiatives we have supported and been involved with:

Maritime Careers

A career in the maritime industry is exciting, rewarding and unlike any other industry. There are lots of different routes into a career in maritime, including a university qualification or apprenticeship, as well as, varying career pathways.

The UK’s £46bn maritime sector offers careers at sea and ashore and the UK’s industry is set to double in size by 2030, meaning thousands of new jobs are needed. It’s responsible for enabling 95% of the UK’s global trade and therefore, touches every part of our lives. We help to enable bright futures where lasting careers are built. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Electrical Engineer, Jade Creighton had to say about her experience working in the maritime industry.

Investing in the next generation

The future of Maritime is important to us and we partner with local schools and colleges to support curriculums and encourage careers within the industry. It is vital to communicate the great employment opportunities for young people on their doorsteps and is a central part of the work we do in the community. This includes port tours, school workshops, internships and mentoring.

Education in action: Business on the Move.

At our Mersey location, we launched a Business on the Move initiative, with some of the largest organisations in the North West. Through an interactive board game, children learn all about the supply chain and global logistics and try their hand at moving goods across the country (virtually!).

Helping Local Businesses Flourish.

As we grow, there are opportunities for others to grow with us. This includes sourcing from local suppliers and businesses of all sizes, procuring goods, works or services.

We do not just work with anyone. Our suppliers are benchmarked for the ways they add value to the local community too, be that contributing to the local economy or maintaining ethical trading standards.

Turning The Tide In Sustainability.

Doing right by our planet is a key focus of ours and is included in our environment policy. This includes working with organisations focused on improving sustainability and sharing the learnings as best practice across the business.

The nature of a port means that we are often close to areas with important biodiversity and scientific interest. Conserving these areas is part of our environment strategy, which aims to create a strong and effective environmental culture across our ports.

We also monitor the air quality and emissions in the areas around our ports as part of our Clean Air Strategy commitment to the Department for Transport (DfT). An investment into electric vehicles is helping us make strides in improving air quality for the local communities and reducing carbon emissions, with a goal to replace 50% of our fleet at the Port of Liverpool with electric alternatives in the next year.

We actively encourage our employees to cycle to work and have an online cycle to work scheme. Cycling to work has great benefits to both our employees’ health and the environment. Across our Container Services division in Liverpool approximately 20% of all employees cycle to work!