Vision & Values

Our vision is simple, we want to be the UK’s leading port operator. 

Now, that’s not just about being the biggest, we want to lead in terms of safety, performance and growth. Our vision is underpinned by four core values which outline how the business, and our people should behave every day. 


We succeed through collaboration.

We operate as one, working together to achieve our common goals. 

We’re an inclusive team where everyone’s welcome, looking out for one another and making a positive difference together every day.


We build on trust, we do things sustainably.

Trust is the foundation on which we build relationships with colleagues, customers and communities. We do and deliver what we say, every day, taking pride in the fact we can be relied upon to act responsibly.


We enable success to benefit our world.

We empower everyone to make things happen every day so that our colleagues, customers and communities can grow and develop. We support and facilitate success, removing barriers to realise the full potential of every opportunity.


We deliver through performance, service and innovation.

We work to be the best, striving for success by delivering quality consistently. We take pride in all we do, aiming to exceed expectations while inspiring innovation and supporting others to evolve and improve.