Scotland’s gateway to the world

Clydeport is a bustling network of ports with the potential to connect your business to the world. Our first-class facilities allow us to improve efficiencies in your supply chain via some of the most strategic locations on the West Coast of Scotland.

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Scotland’s gateway to the world

At Clydeport, we firmly believe in working together with customers to build lasting long term relationships which bring your business true value. No matter the commodities you’re working with, we’re able to help and with a unique resourcefulness, we’ll become a vital link in your supply chain, going the extra mile to help deliver your results.

We’re also the controlling Port Authority for 450 square miles of the River Clyde, giving our customers the space, facilities and expertise to store and process more than 15.4 million tonnes of cargo a year and help them handle thousands of passengers.

Commodities we handle

At Clydeport we have a long and rich history in handling essential commodities including agribulks, containers, forest products, project and bulk cargoes and much more. Our network of ports each has its own strengths and areas of expertise.

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Clydeport is a strategic network of ports which are ideally placed to service Scotland’s largest city and industrial centre. For Scottish exporters, our ports in Glasgow, Greenock, Hunterston and Ardrossan [RK1] act as the nation’s gateway to Ireland and transatlantic Americas as well as European hubs.

Clydeport Services

At Clydeport, our customers are at the heart of what we do and we will help you create, manage and control an efficient and effective supply chain. We listen to your specific needs and translate them in creative, tailor-made, high quality solutions utilising our wide range of expertise and experience, resources and infrastructure. Our world-class facilities and excellent locations mean that we’re able to serve a variety of different businesses, improving the journey of goods from Scotland to the rest of the world.

Clydeport is home to some of the biggest, deepest, busiest and most advanced facilities in Europe. We have extensive experience in handling key commodities such as containers, forest products, agribulk, project and bulk cargo and our proud of our long-term customer relationships.

Clydeport Marine Information.

At Peel Ports Group, our services don’t begin or end at the dockside when we offload or load your cargo. Helping you to get to us with the maximum ease and efficiency is just as important. That’s why we’re not simply committed to providing reliable, safe navigation for all users, we actually have a statutory duty to maintain and conserve the harbours.

Container Shipping & Logistics

We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals working for us full time here at Clydeport. We have a number of stevedores operating the complex machinery and offering a service which is second to none. You will benefit from their friendly resourcefulness, knowledge and experience in handling a wide range of commodities through the port.

Rail Solutions

We offer a range of solutions related to the onward transportation of goods. This includes a bespoke rail freight service capable of carrying 40 containers per trip and runs three days a week from Mossend near Glasgow to the Port of Liverpool – connecting major Scottish brands to a host of global markets. The freight service provides shipping lines, forwarders, tank operators, and cargo-owners with a seamless and efficient route between the quayside at Liverpool and Scotland. We can take charge not only of the loading of freight trains, but also the unloading. Giving you a seamless service between rail and water.


Our Property team construct, refurbish and develop property to enhance your unique requirements. Our facility-rich range of sites gives you the ability and flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want, when you want. Storage, process or simply cross-dock for onward transport, all are deliverable within our extensive estate.

Greenock Ocean Terminal is within a 50-acre site with a laden storage area of up to 7,000 TEUs and an empty storage area of up to 3,500 TEUs. An additional benefit is the 25,000 sqm modern multiuser warehousing with up to 80 reefer points and devanning facilities on site and can transit 65,000 containers per annum. The facility also has UK Border Force facilities on site along with other agencies such as Apha and Defra enabling importation and exportation of all cargoes as a designated UK border site.

KGV sits close to central Glasgow within 40 Hectares including 60,000m2 covered storage. KGV has a total quay length of 1600m at 8.5m CD. The facility specialises in the handling of bulk products with dedicated handling equipment as well as ship lay-up and specialised handling of renewables components, including blades, nacelles, and tower sections from ship deliveries to distribution. The facility can provide fuel bunkering, freshwater, tank cleaning, and power as required.

Port Security

At Clydeport, we ensure that the quality of our security isn’t just high, but consistent with the highest expectations of the industry. We provide 24-7 security to ensure the safety and security of assets for our customers, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that, whatever goods you have, they’re being handled and stored in one of the most secure port environments in the UK.

Multi User Warehousing

Whether your requirement is 1 or 40,000 pallets, we can provide flexible, scalable warehouse solutions. Giving your business the space to grow. We have industrial, FMCG and temperature-controlled facilities available at our site in Clydeport.


Marine Services

Clydeport’s Marine Department is the first link in the chain of access to some of the most efficient and competitive range of port facilities available throughout the UK. They coordinate and manage the provision of key marine services to shipping operators.These include everything from tug services, marine pilotage and pilot transfer services to hydrographic surveying, maintenance dredging, navigation aid provision and mooring services.

Wherever your vessel moves in our harbours, it’s scheduled and controlled either through our vessel traffic service or respective local information service control centre.

Off shore solutions

We help you maximise your offshore opportunities as much as we help you maximise your onshore ones. It’s a service portfolio that perfectly complements our own renewable energy, marine and project cargo offerings. One which offers specialist commercial, upgrade, conversion, fabrication, engineering and refit opportunities.


At Clydeport, we can accommodate vessel lay-up with immediate berth availability to provide a safe and sheltered space for vessel owners. Our solutions include:


Clydeport is well established to support decommissioning vessels and oil and gas structures in the UK.

Inchgreen dry-dock is multi-purpose and can be used for civil construction, ship building or repair and decommissioning of ships, which is a growing market and offers a real opportunity for future work.

Set on 100 acres of land, Hunterston PARC’s marine yard boasts one of Europe’s largest dry docks, as well as a quay facility, that is suitable for barges 64 metres in length with a draught of 4.5 metres. With such a unique combination of features, the marine yard is ideally suited to offer flexibility and choice to operators supporting marine construction and renewable energy developments such as decommissioning.



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