Application Process

Once you've found an opportunity that matches your requirements, complete an online application. During the application process, you'll be asked to upload a CV and to tell us more information about your skills and experience.

The process.

Telephone Interview / Initial Discussion

If you've completed the application process and we feel that your experience and skills might be what we're looking for, congratulations! We want to get to know a little more about you and we'll be in touch by phone to discuss your application.

A telephone interview is a two way discussion about your past experiences, education, skills and future career aspirations. This is your opportunity to ask us first hand what it's like to work here. It will also give us the chance to get a better understanding of your suitability for the role and possibly other potential opportunities within the Peel Ports Group.

During this telephone interview, which usually lasts 30-40 minutes, we'll determine whether we should schedule a face-to-face later in the process.

Face to Face Interview

This is your chance to come in, meet us, and see what we do. If you've reached this stage, then you've made a great impact on us so we're excited to learn more about you in person. To do this, we use behavioural-based interviews to delve into your capabilities to see how they match with our current and future opportunities. We want to see what motivates you and we want you to understand more about us. We want to know that, in the same way that we're selecting you as the right person to help grow our changing business, you're selecting the right opportunity that will shape your future career.

Offer and Acceptance

Congratulations! You clearly impressed us very much throughout the selection process and we're really looking forward to you joining the team soon. Together, we can unlock an even brighter future for our company and yourself.


Once you've accepted an offer with Peel Ports, you will receive additional details about your on-boarding experience from HR Connect. This will include links and information to help you get started and be ready for day one.

Peel Ports is a place that really cares about its people. We believe that if you are happy and fulfilled in your work, you'll give us your best. So we want to work together with you to make sure your career with us is everything you want it to be. We know you'll enjoy your time here and feel proud that you've chosen to join our Group.