Transportation of Out-of-Gauge Cargo - A Tailored Solution by Peel Ports Great Yarmouth

28 September 2023


Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is committed to delivering innovative and tailored logistics solutions that address the unique challenges of our customers. In a recent project that showcases our capabilities, we collaborated with CEA Project Logistics, specialists in project cargo logistics, acting on behalf of Rail Engineering Solutions LLC (RES USA) and Romic Consulting—an international rail and industrial sales company based in the UK. Romic's & RES USA mission is to source locomotives and rolling stock for rail companies and manufacturers worldwide.

The Challenge

Romic Consulting along with RES USA had acquired 14 new trains, comprising 11 carriages and 3 locomotives. CEA Project Logistics, their trusted logistical partner, was tasked with orchestrating the complex transport of these high-value assets. A previous service provider was unable to accommodate this undertaking, prompting CEA Project Logistics to seek Peel Ports Great Yarmouth's assistance.

The Solution

Peel Ports Great Yarmouth's extensive experience in handling project cargo was crucial for this project. With cutting-edge equipment and an experienced team, we offered a tailored solution to CEA Project Logistics, ensuring the project's success.

The trains arrived on a specialised trailer and were expertly unloaded using our advanced equipment. Great Yarmouth's 24/7 port facilities provided secure storage for these high-value assets until the arrival of the vessel, MV Arkhangelsk.

DJI 0147

The Outcome

The project was a success thanks to the effective collaboration among all parties involved. Our customer was so delighted with the results that they have entrusted Peel Ports Great Yarmouth with the shipment of an additional 36 trains, scheduled for later this year.

Great Yarmouth Sales Manager, James Crosswell, commented on the project's success:

"Our team at Peel Ports Great Yarmouth takes pride in our ability to provide tailored logistics solutions, and this project exemplifies our commitment to excellence. We ensured that every step of the journey was executed flawlessly, from the moment the trains arrived on that trailer to their safe departure. It's a testament to our expertise in handling project cargo."

Kevin D Fisher, CEA Projects said:

"We were facing a unique logistical challenge, and the previous service provider couldn't meet our needs. Peel Ports Great Yarmouth not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their ability to provide a tailored solution and their expertise in handling project cargo made all the difference. We're not only satisfied with the results but also impressed by their commitment to our success. We look forward to future collaborations."