From Manchester to Texas: Peel Port Logistics ship canal solution

01 October 2021

Your Key Contact

Nigel Kent
Head of Commercial - Peel Ports Logistics 0151 355 6006

Recently, Peel Ports Logistics (PPL) worked with one of the world’s largest integrated logistics providers which offers freight forwarding and contract logistics services in 100 countries.

The firm is also a leader and investor in technology to enhance supply chain efficiency and a pioneer in emerging markets, operating as the largest private owner and developer of industrial real estate in the Middle East and North Africa. 

The firm has a long-standing relationship with Peel Ports for many years.

The Challenge

The client had project cargo that needed to be moved from Irlam, Greater Manchester, to Ellesmere Port for onward transportation to Texas.

Ellesmere Port was the export point for the project and vessel, the BBC Alberta was already fixed to transport the freight to Texas.

However, two pieces of cargo were 100 metres long and too large to be moved by road to the port.

PPL was approached to supply a movement solution.

Peel Ports Logistics solution

To transport the oversized project cargo, PPL used Manchester Ship Canal (MSC) to move the 100 metre pieces from Irlam to Ellesmere Port by barge rather than road.

Using MSC as a direct waterway from the heart of Manchester, and with the support of Carmet Tugs and Marine Project Services, the cargo was safely moved to Ellesmere Port.

The canal is part of the ‘Green Highway’ and therefore acts as an alternative route for transporting goods that helps businesses reduce costs, cut carbon emissions and remove congestion from the roads.

The client knew from its previous work with PPL that the team would ensure the transportation of the cargo within the tight timeframe, meeting the arrival of the BBC Alberta.

Timing was crucial and all contractors, relevant plant, machinery and services plus PPL’s management had to be mobilised to meet the tight time constraints.

The project utilised PPL’s experience in project cargo, chartering, agency, stevedoring and customs clearance to complete.

The result

PPL ensured that all cargo was at Ellesmere Port sufficiently ahead of the booked arrival of the BBC Alberta into port.

Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director at Peel Ports Logistics, said: “This project centred on the importance of ensuring that our client’s project cargo was at Ellesmere Port in time for BBC Alberta’s departure to Texas.

“We chose MSC as the best and most sustainable route for transportation, and organised a chartered tug, barges and clearance service to ensure the smooth movement of the goods. We also supplied contract cranes, stevedore and boatmen services for the operation at both Irlam and Ellesmere Port.

“Using the expertise and facilities of PPL and the wider Peel Ports Group, we can provide end-to-end logistics solutions to transport any size cargo ready for onward transportation.”