Peel Ports Group Renews Commitment to Armed Forces Covenant

23 June 2023

Peel Ports Group Renews Commitment to Armed Forces Covenant, Strengthening Support for Military Personnel and continuing focus on building inclusivity.

Peel Ports Group, one of the UK’s leading port operators, is pleased to announce the renewal of its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. Having initially signed the covenant in 2016, this reaffirmation underlines Peel Ports' ongoing dedication to providing support and opportunities for reservists, veterans and their families.

The Armed Forces Covenant serves as a promise from the nation ensuring that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families are treated fairly. By re-signing this covenant, Peel Ports Group demonstrates its commitment to assisting military personnel in various aspects of their lives, including employment, training and support.

Since the initial signing of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2016, Peel Ports has actively engaged with the armed forces community, striving to create a supportive and inclusive environment for veterans and active service members. The Company has collaborated with military charities, promoted the reserve service within the organisation by hosting a joint careers fair, sponsored the Battle of the Atlantic 80th anniversary event and developed a Reserve Forces Policy that included two weeks of paid leave for Reserve Forces training.

Gary Doyle, Group Harbour Master, stated, "We are immensely proud to renew our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. Our partnership with the armed forces community holds great importance to us, as we recognise the sacrifices made by these courageous individuals in service to our nation. Through our continued support, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of military personnel and their families."

Rachel Smith, Group HR Director, stated, “The skill set possessed by Armed Forces personnel holds huge value for our industry. By honouring the commitments we have made, Peel Ports Group ensures its firm commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace that uplifts and empowers those with ties to the Armed Forces.”

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Gary Doyle, Group Harbour Master re-signing the Armed Forces Covenant next to Commodore Phil Waterhouse

With approximately 10% of their workforce comprised of individuals with a military background, Peel Ports recognises the value that veterans bring to their team. By leveraging their unique skills and experience, Peel Ports Group continues to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, fostering an environment where veterans can thrive and contribute to the company's success.

The group is now embarking on a journey towards achieving the prestigious Gold Award status from the Armed Forces Covenant, a distinction that will position Peel Ports Group as one of the most supportive organisations for Britain’s Armed Forces community.