CEMEX Customs Clearance: Peel Ports Logistics Solution

10 May 2022


CEMEX is a global construction materials company that is building a better future through sustainable products and solutions and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality through relentless innovation and industry-leading research and development.

CEMEX offers cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and urbanisation solutions in growing markets around the world, powered by a multinational workforce focused on providing a superior customer experience, enabled by digital technologies.

In the UK, CEMEX operates from over 200 locations nationwide, with more than 2000 employees.


The client exports aggregates from its Raynes Quarry in Wales, to certain locations in Sweden and this was initially impacted by the changes to customs requirements following Brexit and needed to ensure it was compliant at both ends of the supply chain.

Following a second wave of governance that came into force regarding a change in border control models, CEMEX required assistance to overcome this to ensure they could continue to transport construction materials seamlessly into Europe.  


Peel Ports Logistics assisted in ensuring CEMEX met the requirements of this governance and ensured the client had all the correct paperwork in place.

Peel Ports Logistics also analysed the client’s border control model and liaised with authorities to set up their clearance process and systems to ensure compliance and efficiency throughout their supply chain.

Mark Grimshaw, Rail and Sea Manager for CEMEX UK said “Peel Ports Logistics helped to overcome the complexities we faced due to the  changes in governance following Brexit.

Throughout the process, they liaised with us to ensure our border control model meant we had the right compliance and could continue to provide our customers with the construction materials they required when they needed them.”


Peel Ports Logistics ensured that CEMEX were compliant at both ends of the supply chain and that they met customs clearance regulations, guaranteeing that the client could continue to export aggregates into Sweden following Brexit. 

Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director at Peel Ports Logistics, said: “A number of customers importing and exporting materials required assistance following the introduction of Brexit and through our team of experts, we’ve helped overcome a range of complexities”

“By doing so, it allows the likes of CEMEX to concentrate on what truly matters to them and has allowed them to redirect their resource into ensuring their customers receive their goods efficiently and accurately.”