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Is congestion at container ports disrupting your supply chain? Should you consider alternative ports that aren’t affected by these issues?

Due to major changes in supply chain demand as a result of the Pandemic and consequences of new regulations associated to Brexit, thousands of businesses have been impacted due to bottlenecks in their usual supply chain.

Knock on effects of the last 12 months have seen supply chains strangled, resulting in severe service disruption, delays, frustration and additional costs. These challenges are likely to continue in the short-term, and it’s likely that the fundamental shifts will change the future of the supply chain forever.

Businesses shipping to the UK are already considering their long term strategy and diversity, by exploring alternative gateways for exporting and importing cargo, bypassing congested ports and ensuring goods reach their end destination without delay.  

What’s the solution? Port selection based on proximity to market. Shipping close to import and export distribution centres can maximise efficiency for delivering goods and tackle congestion from ports that are experiencing significant delays.

Whilst a significant amount of containers currently enter the UK through the South, much of the cargo demand comes from the North, and many businesses are finding that switching their shipping route to alternative port locations not only offers improvements in time and costs, but also provides a more sustainable proposition by reducing road miles and inland transportation.

With locations in Liverpool, Greenock and Dublin we are ideally located to offer businesses a viable alternative to southern ports to help avoid congestion and long road journeys via our multi-port offer.  

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Peel Ports Multi Modal Solutions

Rail - connecting Liverpool with Scotland and the East Midlands, reducing road miles and CO2 emissions to provide a door-to-door solution.

Shipping - we work closely with the world’s leading shipping lines to encourage more services through our port network to help alleviate some of the pinch points on supply chains that have previously relied on Southern ports.

Value added services - Quality Freight (part of the Peel Ports Group) offers a range of services to provide customs clearance and onward transport solution for our customers.

Peel Ports Shipping Solutions

Irish Sea Hub - both Liverpool and Dublin are at the heart of the Irish Sea Hub. Our facilities and services provide a reliable, fast and direct route between the continent, the UK and Ireland.

Shipping solutions - we offer multiple shipping services including BG Freight Line, which offers up to a tri-weekly service between Liverpool and Dublin, Belfast, Greenock and Cork providing an end to end solution, giving customers greater flexibility to move last minute cargo closer to its end destination.

Storage Solutions at Peel Ports

Re-utilisation of warehouse space at the Port of Liverpool can provide a direct route for essential supplies - reducing delays and alleviating pressure on hauliers

Greenock has 25,000 sqm of flexible storage solutions, offering stuffing and unstuffing on site reducing transport and empty repositioning costs.

Quality Freight’s Ellesmere Port site has 40 acres of land and 250,000 sq ft of available covered storage space available, with direct access to a market of 35 million people, and located within 1/4 mile of the UK motorway network. It’s Runcorn site has 279,000 sq ft of covered space, and 30,000 sq ft of open quay storage space available.

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CRMG Cranes - Phase 2 at Liverpool2 at Port of Liverpool
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UK’s Liverpool2 £400 million expansion nears the next phase of completion

Peel Ports Group, owner of the Port of Liverpool,  welcomed an additional five cantilever rail-mounted gantry (CRMG) cranes on the 7th January, as part of the next phase of growth at Liverpool2, the port’s deep-water container terminal.

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MSC Tamara at The Port of Liverpool
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Record set for highest container volume from a single vessel at Port of Liverpool

Liverpool2, The Port of Liverpool’s deep water container terminal has broken a new terminal record for the second time last year, after the MSC Tamara docked and exchanged 5,956 TEUs, the highest number seen from a single vessel in Liverpool since March last year.

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Take control of your customs clearance or face costly delays

Quality Freight, one of the UK’s leading shipping and freight forwarders owned by Peel Ports, is encouraging importers and exporters to prepare robust customs clearance procedures ahead of 1 January to avoid unwanted delays.

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