Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest update

The world has changed significantly since my last communication, where we found ourselves in the height of the first wave of the pandemic. I hope that you and your loved ones have stayed safe, and continue to stay safe, throughout.

As it stands now in October, the Government has once again responded to the rising case in numbers with an increased alert level, and it is becoming apparent that the UK is experiencing a second wave. In particular, some local regions are seeing increased restrictions across sectors including hospitality.

Whilst there is growing media coverage on this topic for regional lockdowns, I would like to offer reassurance to all of our customers that our port operations remain strong and we are fully prepared for all eventualities in the ongoing situation regarding the pandemic.

The health and safety of customer and colleagues has always been, and will continue to be,  our number one priority, Over the last few months we have navigated a number of changes across the business to adapt our working practices so that we can adjust to this new way of life, whilst being able to continue trading safely.

We are more committed than ever in mitigating any impact from COVID, and due to the power of our people and careful business planning, I can confidently state that we are fully operational and open for business, with the ability to manage more volume, capacity, storage and handling across all of the Group ports.

All locations have been fully risk assessed and are COVID secure, face coverings are mandatory, social distancing is a priority and we have taken steps to introduce on-site testing facilities to help keep our employees safe. As a result of these actions, we have low absence levels, enabling good productivity and staffing.

Our teams are in regular touch with our customers and suppliers, ensuring we are fully abreast of changing supply chain demands so we can adapt and plan ahead.

Finally, with Brexit also on the horizon, we have been preparing rigorously for many months with large investments at our Liverpool, Heysham and Sheerness ports to ensure they have the capacity to accommodate cargo switch routes and modes.

We pride ourselves on our resiliency and ability to quickly adapt to changing situations and we really are doing everything possible to support your business throughout this pandemic and the uncertainty that this new world brings.

This volatile world of the ‘new normal’ has very much become ‘business as usual’ for Peel Ports and we are making every effort to maintain high health and safety standards for the protection of all employees, contractors and customers - to aid the effective continuation of the UK supply chain.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and for joining us in our drive to maintain the supply of critical products, whilst keeping the UK productive.

Mark Whitworth


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