What does a net zero supply chain look like?

09 November 2021

With the news that Peel Ports has committed to becoming net zero by 2040, our views on a greener future for logistics are the focus of a feature in the business publication Raconteur.

As our Managing Director of port services, Lewis Macintyre, explains, the scale of the challenge is daunting:

The British Retail Consortium wants its whole supply chain to be net zero by 2040. This is a monumental task involving logistics, shipping lines, ports and final mile deliveries. It’s a whole movement and requires a more sustainable ecosystem, which is why we need to think holistically.

But Lewis goes on to explain that some solutions are already in place and the vision is there to introduce new ways of cutting carbon emissions:

In the future, a ship will dock using cleaner fuels, such as ammonia, and offload container cranes electrically, while the plant equipment will use hydrogen. You then distribute cargo along electric rail lines to warehouses that also use green electricity. The final mile distribution centres then use hydrogen-automated trucks and they can deliver at night to reduce congestion.

To find out more about how Peel Ports is working towards net zero, including setting up a new forum for innovators to pitch their ideas, read the full article: Ports are a gamechanger for global supply chain emissions