US Ambassador visits Port of Liverpool

12 February 2020

Liverpool’s importance in the future of transatlantic trade received a major endorsement today (Tuesday 11 February) with a visit from the US ambassador to the UK to discuss commercial opportunities.

Robert Wood Johnson was making his first trip to the UK’s only west-facing deep-sea container terminal, where he was joined by several leading companies already involved in trade with North America.

Ambassador Johnson said: “It was an honour to visit Peel Ports Liverpool, a historic port with a very bright future. This was an opportunity to tour an amazing facility and meet with representatives from important transatlantic companies such as Cargill, ADM, ACL and Jenkins.

“President Trump is committed to striking a broad, comprehensive free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. Cutting-edge deep water ports like Liverpool2 will be the gateway for the increased trade, investment and jobs this agreement will bring both our countries.”

Mark Whitworth, Peel Ports CEO, said: “Liverpool is the UK’s foremost port and is ideally positioned for increased trade with the US and indeed the rest of the Americas. It has the relevant investment and infrastructure to make it the UK’s most important and valuable trade link to take our commercial activities across the Atlantic to a new level.

“As we look ahead to a post-Brexit future, we must make the most of trade opportunities across the Atlantic for the sake of our economy and the Liverpool area is ideally placed to support a positive future for the nation’s import and export activity. Attention has inevitably turned west and we are ready to play our part in ensuring a positive future for UK plc.”

The visit comes days after the UK Government launched its consultation setting out its vision for Freeports. The consultation’s findings will determine which locations could become Freeports at the end of this year, with a view to those sites being open for business in 2021.

The visit was also attended by food and agricultural goods manufacturer Cargill, agricultural bulks distributor ADM, shipping services provider Jenkins Group and shipping line ACL.