Strikes at Port of Liverpool’s Container Division as Union rejects enhanced offer

16 September 2022

Unite the Union has confirmed an improved pay offer was rejected by its members, who will now go on strike at the Port of Liverpool container operations from 19 September to 3 October. All other Liverpool operations are unaffected.

The offer of an 8.3% pay package has been enhanced with a one-off payment of £750 for each container operative at the Port.

David Huck, Chief Operating Officer, said: “I am deeply disappointed Unite has rejected our significant pay package after many months of negotiation. This is bad news for our employees, families and other local employers.

“We fully recognise our colleagues’ concerns on the cost of living crisis, and that’s why we have responded with a pay package which represents a 10% average increase in annual pay.

“The Port of Liverpool is a major employer in the Liverpool City Region. We have invested more than £1.2b over the last decade, transforming the prosperity of the region, creating over 900 new skilled jobs and in turn supporting over 7,200 additional local jobs in the supply chain.

“We urge the union to work with us at the negotiating table so together we can find a resolution.”

Key Facts

  • The improved 8.3% pay package includes: a 7% increase in basic pay, plus a 1.3% from pay rates and allowances and an additional £750 one-off discretionary payment for each port operative. The entire package equates to a 10% or £4,000 average increase in annual pay, backdated to June.


  • In addition the business has made a commitment to a shift pattern change that will result in a 25% reduction in night shift working.
  • The average salary for Container operatives would therefore increase to c£43k p.a., significantly above the Liverpool City Region and national average


  • Basic pay has increased every year above inflation for over a decade and from 2013 by a range of between 43 to 53%, an increase on inflation of between 16 and 26%


  • The highest paid striking employees within the Containers Division at the Port of Liverpool earned up to £71,000 p.a. in the last trading year 2021/22


  • The Union continues to demand an increase in base pay in excess of 12.3% and an additional increase in pay rates taking the overall package to c20%.