Supply Chain Opportunities in a Post Brexit World

31 January 2020

Our Commercial Director Stephen Carr has been speaking to Faisal Islam, Economics Editor of the BBC, about what Brexit means for us, our customers and the wider economy.

‘We are where we are’ is a saying often heard for defining uncertainty, and it is perhaps particularly apt for the situation we find ourselves in on Brexit day. Whether you support our departure from the EU or not, it is happening - and all we can do is look forward to ensuring our economy thrives in a new trading environment.

It’s completely understandable that much of the commentary surrounding Brexit so far has focussed on risks and potential disadvantages. Indeed, it’s highly prudent to have considered what the problems might be and to put in place mitigation measures. Many questions remain unanswered and perhaps will do for some time.

But, whilst there are risks and threats to manage there are also opportunities for businesses across the UK to take advantage of. Peel Ports have carefully considered those opportunities for our customers and partners, by taking measured steps to be prepared for all eventualities.

With this in mind, this week we welcomed the opportunity to talk with Faisal Islam about the various preparations that we’ve been making here at Peel Ports, to help support the UK to ‘be ready for whatever comes’

Will we be developing new or stronger trading relationships with other markets?

Could this change be a catalyst for new ways of working?

Can the UK strengthen its advantage in key export sectors, such as maritime goods and services?

These questions remain to be answered, but we are already asking them.

And despite the challenges ahead, we are excited for what a post-Brexit world will bring.

You can view Stephen’s interview with the BBC on iPlayer HERE (1hr 03m in)