Peel Ports Joins The National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme, established by Yes Recycling.

12 July 2021

Peel Ports are proud to announce that they have taken another step to reduce their impact upon the environment, by joining The National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme, established by Yes Recycling.


Peel Ports are upgrading the hard hats used across the Group, with new hats offering enhanced protection in the event of a fall from height. This change means that we will have a large amount of redundant hard hats, that would normally go to Landfill.


In the UK, hard hats are often put into the general waste stream which is then sent to landfill. Peel Ports Group have signed-up to the National Hard Hat Recycling Scheme to prevent this from happening, as the hard hats are seen as a resource rather than as a waste and will have an end of life value.


Seaforth 100

The scheme allows us to send all our old hard hats to Yes Recycling, where the hats will be put through a unique recycling process created by the skilled engineers at Yes Recycling.

The hats will be processed into 10mm flakes, segregated by material and eventually melted into repurposed plastic pellets. 

100% of the recovered material will then be used in UK manufacturing, maintaining a circular footprint for the recycled material.

We are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment through applying the waste hierarchy and we are delighted that this new partnership enables us to further these ambitions.