Peel Ports improves worker safety with ISO 45001 Certification

05 February 2020

Peel Ports is celebrating becoming the second port in the UK to be ISO 45001 certified, with its Liverpool steel and metals and Biomass terminals being verified as meeting the latest in global safety standards.

ISO 45001 is the latest international benchmark for occupational health and safety (OH&S) and certification will help Peel Ports demonstrate its commitment to the highest standards of workplace safety.

Mark Whitworth, Peel Ports CEO, said: “We’re delighted to have the continuous efforts of the team and our strong health and safety culture recognised with this certification. Working towards the ISO standards doesn’t just help improve on-site safety - it provides much wider benefits for the team. The efforts that have made this certification happen have also seen the team work together to share ideas, implement projects, and effectively communicate on OH&S initiatives.”

In addition, the British Standards Institute (BSI) – the auditing body for ISO compliance – also recommended continuation of certification to both ISO9001 and ISO14001 for Liverpool steel and metals and biomass terminals. 

Ron Hunter, Group Health and Safety Director at Peel Ports, said: “These achievements are down to the hard work carried out at each business unit, but special praise should go to James Welsh, Peter Eason, John Lambert, Peter Devonshire, Graeme Miller, Vicky Nevin, and Simon Watson. Their efforts, and the contributions of everyone else who participated, made these certifications possible.”

Achieving ISO 45001 compliance:

  • Provides a safe environment for personnel to do business and conduct day to day activities
  • Demonstrates Peel Ports’ commitment to maintain and uphold the group’s health and safety policy
  • Reassures those who work or want to work with Peel Ports that health and safety is a number one priority across the business

Other benefits of the accreditation include making Peel Ports’ operations more efficient, better equipping it to meet its legal requirements, and helping to improve staff morale by making the workplace safer.