Introduction to Enviro 365

02 July 2020

Peel Ports is currently developing its Enviro365 strategy which will sit alongside the Safety365 strategy. It is designed to integrate with existing tools and processes where appropriate.

This approach will allow us to accelerate our progress in this area by utilising current and familiar tools that our workforce already understand. Furthermore, it will help to embed good environmental management into our processes and ensure they are aligned with our Safety365 approach.

The group co-ordination of our environmental journey will build on the foundations already well underway on many of our sites and terminals and within our Marine Team. Where we can, we will be looking for examples of excellence across the group to build on and set as a common standard across our sites.

Through the Group approach, we will be able to share excellence and set high standards in environmental management across the group, ensuring we are both compliant and acting responsibility in all we do.

Furthermore, we have been working on a number of projects across the Group to reduce our footprint and help drive greater sustainability, including the introduction of LED Lighting. Late last year at the Port of Liverpool S10 Warehouse, we installed new energy efficient LED lights. LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent and 95% of the energy is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. Less energy use also reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

The project was well managed with excellent co-ordination between the operations team and the contractor. Once all the LED’s were in place, the old lights were disposed of safely. The new lights have sensors and are helping deliver a better working environment, improving the lighting, consuming less energy, requiring less maintenance and only offering light when needed, for example, if it’s sunny they aren’t in operation, which saves unnecessary energy for the environment.

Similar schemes are operating across the Group and a wider Environmental strategy is in place to look at other areas across the business.