Hunterston buzz is about more than regeneration plans

01 April 2022

Of the 1000 acres at the port of Hunterston, less than a third is industrial land earmarked for a variety of ‘green and blue’ business sectors, such as offshore renewable energy.

The remainder, around 700 acres, is given over to tidal sands, a lagoon and island for migrating birds, and wild woodlands.

For 30 years micro-business Ashrona Apiaries has kept up to 12 hives tucked away in a hidden corner among the trees that border the enormous site. It’s one of four apiaries that the firm has and the product of its bees is sold in local shops in its most natural form – comb honey – ready for spreading on your breakfast toast.

We all know that bees are under threat so we are proud to be making our own small contribution to their well-being thanks to the diverse, secluded environment with lots of wildflowers and other plants.