From burgers to boxes

06 March 2020

Only a few years ago Amy Gillespie was serving burgers and fries while successfully managing a team of staff at McDonalds at the same time as completing her degree at the University of Liverpool . Now she’s Senior Control room Operator, supervising a team of Control Room Operators whilst completing a Masters (MSc) in Sustainable Maritime Operations that is being funded by Peel Ports.

Amy’s role means she is responsible for controlling a variety of operations across the Port of Liverpool, one of the UK’s most important trading gateways, where her job depends on excellent communication, “My role requires me to interact with all parts of the business, and communicate effectively with everyone who comes into contact with what we do here at the Port. For instance, one minute I’ll be relaying important information to our crane operators, and the next I’ll be speaking to the captain of a ship that is scheduled to berth.”

“After looking into the job and the new developments at the Port, I was really keen to be part of a real Liverpool success story and a business focused on putting the city back on the map. When I heard about all of the development and investment going on at the Port, I knew it was somewhere I’d like to work - somewhere with the ambition to help me get to where I want to be professionally. I feel like my career progression is just as important to Peel Ports as it is me – and I still see me working here in ten years’ time at a Director level.”