Dockyard named after Liverpool MP looking to write new chapter of its history

17 June 2024

Dockyard named after Liverpool MP looking to write new chapter of its history

It was destroyed in an explosion during the blitz, hosted Cunard liners during the 1960s, and was a key link for trade in everything from sugar to second-hand appliances.

Now an industrial site on the Mersey docklands is looking for a new occupier to continue the story of the extraordinary site.

The rare lot of land at Huskisson Dock, owned by the UK’s second largest port operator, Peel Ports, will serve as an ideal hub for companies working in the distribution, manufacturing, and specialist operations space.

Named after the late Liverpool MP, William Huskisson, the 100,000 sq. ft site sits in a prime location within the supply chain, situated a few miles away from the M57 and M58, as well as having road access to the city of Liverpool and its airport.

Offering a vantage point to the North West, the site offers multimodal access with connections to road, rail, and sea, and can accommodate a new warehouse or processing facility, as well as providing a clear quay ready for development.  

Peel Ports will provide interested occupiers with bespoke design and build solutions to enable the creation of a purpose-built facility that optimises their operations, whether it be a modern warehouse, processing plant or specialised storage facility.

Meanwhile, the successful occupier will gain access to Peel Ports’ port-centric solutions to enhance their efficiency, with services including external and specialised storage, multi-user warehousing, inventory management, container services, and transportation services.

Phil Hall, Port Director – Port of Liverpool, Peel Ports, said: “This land at Huskisson Dock is in a great location and with its strong road, rail, and sea links across the North West and beyond, it is ideal for organisations working in the distribution and manufacturing sectors"

“At Peel Ports we don’t just provide organisations with a base for their operations, but we help them to be as successful as possible. For organisations looking to call Huskisson Dock home, they’ll find they have all the support they need through our port-centric services to allow them to perform as efficiently as possible.

“We’re incredibly proud of Huskisson Dock’s history and we’re looking forward to building upon that as we look to welcome a new company to the site.”

Situated on the River Mersey, Huskisson Dock has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1852.

Named after William Huskisson, a notable Member of Parliament and promoter of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the dock was integral to Liverpool’s expansion as a major port during the 19th century, when it initially focused on handling coal exports and raw material imports.

Throughout its history, the dock has undergone several expansions to adapt to changing maritime needs. In the early 20th century, it saw extensive use during both World Wars, providing crucial support for military logistics and supply chains.

Post-war, Huskisson Dock incorporated advanced cargo handling facilities and expanded its capabilities to accommodate containerised freight, bulk goods, and project cargo.

Today the dock serves as part of the larger Port of Liverpool complex, playing a vital role in the region’s maritime economy by offering comprehensive port services and supporting diverse industries through its strategic location and advanced infrastructure.

Organisations interested in occupying this land are encouraged to contact Peel Ports for more information at