DFDS M/V Botnia Seaways arrives into London Medway

16 March 2022

Peel Ports Group has welcomed the return of the DFDS service to Sheerness with the DFDS owned vessel, the M/V Botnia Seaways arriving into London Medway from Calais as part of the dedicated unaccompanied freight service between the UK and France.

With a carrying capacity of 11,530 gross tonnage, the M/V Botnia Seaways measures 162 meters in length with a width of 21 meters and will be the new dedicated vessel for this route.

Operating a daily service via the English Channel, the M/V Botnia Seaways can carry up to 120 trailers per crossing and by utilising the ports 24/7 accessibility, provides flexibility for customers to drop and collect trailers.

This allows DFDS to meet demands for efficient and reliable shipment, avoiding the long queues and congestion issues that have affected other ports in Kent.

London Medway also benefits from its proximity to the M25, making it ideal for goods destined for London and the Midlands, and the ideal route for DFDS as they strive to keep up with customer demand.

M/V Botnia Seaways discharged at London Medway for the first time on Tuesday 15th March.

DFDS is one of Europe’s largest shipping companies with a fleet of RoRo, Ro-Pax and container vessels connecting more than 20 countries. 

Filip Hermann, Vice President, Head of BU Channel at DFDS said: “DFDS is extremely pleased with the relaunch of our dedicated unaccompanied service. This is a unique value proposition for our cross channel customers which we are proud to be able to offer.”

Richard Goffin, Port Director, South East Ports Cluster at Peel Ports said: “The arrival of the M/V Botnia Seaways and continuation of our partnership that began in June 2021 is a strong indication that we’re committed to ensuring an excellent service to DFDS.

“Our dedicated RoRo facilities, strategic location and accessibility provides significant benefits to both DFDS and their customers and goes someway to avoiding the congestion issues seen in Kent.”