Q&A - Claire McKay, Head of Learning & Development

10 February 2023

To wrap-up National Apprenticeship Week, we now look to the future and speak to Claire McKay on her new role as Head of Learning & Development.


Can you tell us your name and Job title?

"Hi, my name is Claire McKay and for the past four years, I have been Head of Services in Containers. I am now really excited to announce that I will be moving into a Head of Learning and Development role in the HR team from the 1st April 2023. Learning and Development has always been my passion and I am looking forward to be able to help drive a learning culture at Peel Ports Group and support the business on our people development journey."


What is your background/ experience in L&D?

"I have been passionate about Learning & Development from very early on in my career, having spent 20 years’ in various L&D roles in a number of different sectors.

Since I came to Peel Ports 4 years ago, I have been able to support and deliver some great localised L&D solutions in the Container Division and I am excited to shortly join the HR Team and deliver L&D across the group.

Apprenticeships and early careers have been a big part of my career in L&D and I am eager to help to further develop our early careers programmes and deliver quality apprenticeships across all areas of our business areas."


What is the vision for Learning and Development at Peel Ports?

"We are looking to create a learning workplace where development is digital, accessible and future skills led, ensuring we enable skills development and learning opportunities across the business and within our wider communities and of course, apprenticeships will play a key part in this."


Why is it important that we enable L&D opportunities?

"L&D opportunities allow us all to grow individually and together, the workplace has changed hugely – especially in the last 3 years, the work we do and the way in which we work has changed. The world is growing digitally and L&D can ensure we are ready and prepared for new and exciting ways to grow.

We need to ensure our people have the knowledge, skills and abilities to not only deliver today, but to deliver in the future.

Offering a variety L&D opportunities, such as coaching and mentoring, to delivering graduate programmes, management and leadership training, will allow us to achieve this."


What is the Peel Ports Learning Academy? What can team members expect from it?

"We are currently working to develop the Peel Ports Learning Academy. The purpose of the learning academy is to provide a variety of learning solutions and programmes to team members at PPG to enable them to advance their capabilities and skills within the workplace. They will include leadership and management, professional development, operational excellence and training essentials."


How can team members get involved?

"We would love to get feedback from our team members on what they are looking for in relation to Learning and Development going forward. For any comments or queries via enabling.futures@peelports.com"