Bringing our Community Together

20 April 2020

As one of the largest businesses in Liverpool, we, Peel Ports Group, have an obligation to support the communities we serve. It is also the right thing to do.  By living our business values and with the support of our colleagues, we believe we can make a real difference to those who need it most.

We have recently given our backing to a nominated Liverpool charity which helps some of the city’s most vulnerable, gain access to the financial support they are entitled to. Many whom are dealing with life changing, personal situations. The Charity was recognised and nominated by our Containers colleagues, who felt it supported the values that Peel Ports hold.

We are now reaching out to our wider colleagues and stakeholders to enlist further support for this very worthwhile cause.

The Initiative Factory

The Hope Advice Centre was established with the objectives of relieving poverty, sickness and hardship, and advancing education in Merseyside.

Today the charity operates as The Initiative Factory offering a broad base of support to alleviate hardship and is based at Hope Street, Liverpool. The Initiative Factory is a unique charity, operated by volunteers providing legal advice, tribunal representation, employment law guidance and debt advice to individuals and families who would struggle without it.

Over the last five years The Initiative Factory has obtained an estimated £2.5 million in entitled benefit for residents of Liverpool, assisting people with terminally ill or life-long sickness, struggling young families, individuals affected by mental health issues and many more circumstances across the region of people who have fallen into difficulty, often by no fault of their own.

Long-term Commitment

To aid with funding, Peel Ports has already donated £5,000. However, our long-term commitment is to help the Initiative Factory develop a sustainable future through increased funding, awareness and training for the next-generation of volunteers.

The cause relies heavily on volunteers, but they need to be qualified to provide the right advice to support their work. We’d like to make all colleagues aware of the charity and the challenges faced, in the hope that additional funding is available to train more volunteers to deliver a sustainable service to the local community. 

Any donations would be most greatly received by the Initiative Factory and will make a material difference to those in difficulty, whether it is helping make ends meet, offering advice about debt, housing assistance or support through sickness.

We appreciate that there are hundreds of charities calling for support – they are all worthy causes but working with the Initiative Factory allows you to support people in real need, providing them with a sustainable solution whilst mitigating the risk of homelessness and abject poverty.

How you can help?

If you’d like to make a donation or to volunteer your services, you can email the Initiative Factory at

Visit for more information.