Another project successfully completed!

09 June 2022

Great work from the collective team of D Morgan PLC and Peel Ports team to develop 2.3 acres of land for use as car storage and transporter park to allow the import and distribution of road vehicles.


In order to complete the work as sustainably as possible, the car storage area uses a permeable asphalt that allows rainfall to percolate to an underlying layer of material, which then infiltrates to the ground, removing the requirement for traditionally required drainage. Meaning less intensive civil engineering works therefore meaning less manufacturing, less construction operation and less pollution! This also meant that we did not remove any materials offsite.


This drainage system was designed to substantially reduce the volume of run-off water, reducing the sedimentation in local drainage infrastructure. This lowers the volume of stormwater flow in the local and wider drainage network. The partial drainage system we have installed also drains locally to the River Mersey, which also lowers the demand on the networks, further reducing the requirement for rainwater treatment.


Well done to all involved!