A level playing field

Regional communities across the UK have been affected by social and economic inequalities for many generations, what part do UK ports play in the Government’s ‘levelling-up’ agenda?

As one of the UK’s largest Port operators, Peel Ports Group examines its own impact, and that of the wider Maritime industry, on regional economies and how it supports a sustainable and fair growth agenda for the future.

Peel Ports launches response to Government’s levelling up white paper

In February 2022, the UK government launched its ‘Levelling-up’ white paper, which promised to set out a ‘complete system change of government works that will be implemented to level up the UK’.

The white paper highlights that no single organisation can achieve the merits of true ‘levelling-up’ alone and now.

Peel Ports Group is urging government to embrace a partnership with port and maritime companies to help meet its objectives on levelling-up, net zero and economic growth.

Maritime Role

It has long been clear to those of us in the port sector that we have an important - indeed, essential - role to play in the growing economies, and our response to the Government's white paper seeks to set out a practical vision for the sector itself.

Claudio Veritiero, CEO, Peel Ports Group

A Level Playing Field