Clydeport Maintenance at Ardrossan

Ardrossan is a commercial harbour, ferry terminal, and marina located in North Ayrshire.

It provides a vital ferry service for the mainland and the island community of Arran and Campbeltown. Ardrossan is located on the North Ayrshire Coast adjacent to the town of Saltcoats.

Ardrossan Harbour is a working harbour situated on a promontory flanked by the North and South shores which are natural sandy bays; the south bay is a tourist haven and the north less popular and has a natural dune/ grass habitat.

Clydeport operates berths in the harbour and the Caledonian MacBrayne Arran Ferry roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) facility is located on the most westerly berth.

The easterly Ro-Ro berth is presently available to Caledonian MacBrayne as a sheltered berth and as a secondary berth although this use is intermittent.

The remainder of the harbour can be used for berthing and mooring.

Additional Features

Apart from its maritime facilities, Ardrossan boasts other essential features within its harbour estate:

  • Roadways, marshalling lanes, and car park ensure seamless transportation logistics.
  • The harbour is equipped with, AIS (Automatic Identification System), and weather monitoring to enhance safety and efficiency.
  • Aids to navigation, including a lighthouse, directional lights, traffic control lights, a port entry light, as well as navigational buoys; Eagle Rock, West Crinan, and the Turning Buoy, guide ships safely in and out of the harbour.

Clydeport Operations Ltd, a subsidiary of the Peel Ports Group has an ongoing commitment to sustaining vital Infrastructure at Ardrossan Harbour during redevelopment planning.

Clydeport Operations Ltd, a leading maritime and logistics company and a part of the Peel Ports Group, has undertaken a series of crucial works to ensure the continued operation and sustainability of the Ardrossan Harbour infrastructure, even as redevelopment plans are underway. These comprehensive efforts encompass both the Ardrossan Linkspans and general harbour infrastructure, demonstrating Clydeport Operations Ltd.’s commitment to working with our partners to maintaining operational efficiency and safety during this transitional period.

Works on the Ardrossan Linkspans include:

  • Replacement of Pulleys and Pins, Ropes on both Arran and Irish Linkspans: Clydeport Operations Ltd has successfully replaced pulleys, pins, and ropes on the Arran Ramp, ensuring the safety and reliability of this critical component.
  • Replating Front Third of the Arran Ramp: The front third of the Arran Ramp has been replated, enhancing its structural integrity and overall functionality.
  • Replacement of Machine House Covers: The machine house covers have been replaced to maintain optimal protection for essential equipment and improves asset aesthetics.
  • Repairs to Floatation Tanks: Repairs to the floatation tanks have been carried out, further safeguarding the efficiency of the Arran Ramp.
  • Handrails: Installation of handrails has been undertaken to enhance safety for personnel working in the vicinity.
  • Gearing, Brakes, and Motors: Comprehensive maintenance, including repairs and replacements, has been performed on the gearing, brakes, and motors, ensuring the continued smooth operation of the linkspans.
  • Painting: Painting work has been undertaken, not only preserving the structures but also contributing to the overall aesthetics of the assets.
  • Selson Levers on Irish Berth: The replacement of Selson levers on the Irish Berth has been executed to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Replacement of Structural Bolts on Irish Ramp: Structural bolts on the Irish Ramp have been replaced, enhancing safety and structural integrity.


Works to the General Harbour infrastructure comprise:

  • £500k Sheet Pile Quayside Repairs and Inspections: Substantial investments have been made in sheet pile quayside repairs and inspections, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the general harbour.
  • Fender Replacement to Arran Berth: Fenders have been replaced on the Arran Berth, ensuring the continued protection of vessels and structures.
  • Lighting Upgrades on Approach Road: Lighting upgrades on the approach road enhance visibility and safety for harbour operations, especially during night hours.
  • Surfacing Repairs on Approach Road: Surface repairs have been carried out on the approach road, improving accessibility and safety for all users.
  • HV Maintenance Works: High voltage (HV) maintenance works have been performed, ensuring the reliability of power supply systems
  • Bollard Pull Tests and Inspections: Bollard pull tests and inspections have been conducted, further emphasising safety and operational readiness.


Clydeport Operations Ltd remains dedicated to preserving the essential infrastructure at Ardrossan Harbour while planning for its redevelopment in underway. These comprehensive works demonstrate the company's unwavering commitment to maintaining operational excellence, safety, and sustainability during this transitional phase to this crucial lifeline ferry service.

While Clydeport consistently aims for operational excellence, unforeseen weather variations may occasionally necessitate the Arran ferry to dock at alternative locations. This primarily occurs when strong easterly winds exceed safe operating speeds. Please note that this determination is not an exact science, and the final decision ultimately lies with the Master of the Calmac ferry.