Typhoo - More than just growing green, adding value

15 January 2015

The Challenge

In 2010, Typhoo, a globally recognised brand and one of the leading tea brands in Britain, approached Peel Ports, one of the UK’s leading names in container shipping. They needed a way to import their tea into the UK in a more sustainable way. One that brought their products closer to their factory and distribution centre in the North West of England and reduced the impact on the environment. At the time, around 95% of their tea was being imported through ports in the South and making its way North by road or rail. They spoke to us.

The Solution

Our growing relationship with Typhoo has meant that we’re able to offer them not just a more integrated, environmentally-friendly and portcentric facility, but also a more cost-effective one. We not only import the raw tea, but in some cases, we store it, de van it, and distribute it out to depot. A true ship-to-door service.

Peel Ports’ innovative ‘ship-to-door’ added- value offering, is supporting Typhoo’s sustainability plan ‘Greenprint for Good’. The company’s supply chain is now more efficient, more cost-effective and more sustainable.

  • Initially 10% of their UK cargo came through Liverpool
  • Now we handle around 65%
  • Significant reductions in inland road haulage costs
  • Help for the environment with less road congestion
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Fewer miles spent on UK roads
  • Expanded warehousing capacity
“The partnership with Peel Ports has enabled us to deliver a key part of our sustainability plan. We will continue to work with them as our business grows.”

Keith Packer
Typhoo Tea CEO