Peel Ports RoRo solution wins out for heavy lift transformer project

23 June 2020

The challenge

Bohnet are specialists in superlative transport services, with over 50 years of experience in the field of heavy or oversized transport.

One recent project was to deliver eight transformers from Germany through London Medway to their final destination. The items weighing between 60 to 180 tonnes, needed to be transported via a RoRo pontoon into the UK, as there was no lifting frame available for the heavy loads.

Find out below how Peel Ports expertise and facilities were able to provide a bespoke solution to safely and effectively move the cargo closer to its end destination.

The solution

Peel Ports worked closely with the Highways Agency and Bohnet, to establish the restrictions of moving the heavy loads, and source the appropriate UK port to receive the goods with the minimum amount of disruption to local highways. The closest waterway with heavy RoRo capabilities to receive the 180t heaviest load was London Medway.

In order to establish the safest a most efficient way of receiving the goods to London Medway, we called upon our specialist skills and knowledge of project and RoRo cargo, to work with Bohnet and their contractors to ensure the operation ran smoothly and safely. This required a great deal of collaboration and communication between the project cargo haulier and our operations team to overcome issues such as tidal movements, working heights and timings. This was challenged further by COVID-19, meaning all communications were dealt with remotely between the UK, Germany and the Netherlands to ensure the safety of our colleagues and contractors on the Port.

The shipment arrived in two loads with each pontoon carrying four trailers. They came alongside Berth 10 at London Medway and utilised the heavy weight capacity of the Berth comprising of 300 tonnes. The heavy load ramps ability to lower and raise with the tide allowed for the heavy trailers to discharge slowly and securely. London Medway also provided assistance with mobile cranes to set up the pontoon when she arrived to help manoeuvre the heavy ramps.

There were additional challenges to overcome with tidal movements and the heavy loads moving on the pontoon causing the pontoon to rise and fall during discharge. This was closely managed by the contractors and our team on the quay during the operation, to react in a timely manner when issues arose.

Emre Ögüt, (Project Manager), Bohnet said: “This is the first time we have worked with Peel Ports and the project was implemented with great collaboration resulting in the successful delivery of the cargo to our client.

Andrew Hunter, Sales Manager, London Medway said: “For a project of this nature, we drew on our extensive knowledge and experience to assist our client in managing the transition of the cargo through our Port. This coupled with the various options we have at our disposal for the transition of out of gauge or high and heavy items, meant we were able to provide a solution that met the needs of the contractor and the Highways Agency for the efficient and safe completion of this project.