Peel lifts family business to Manchester Ship Canal success

17 January 2020

The challenge

Collett & Sons Ltd are global professionals in abnormal load heavy transport, general haulage, heavy lift, marine and consulting for the renewable energy, aerospace & aviation, power generation, environmental systems, heavy engineering, oil & gas processes and civil & infrastructure industries.

One recent project was to deliver a large compressor ‘skid’ (a base used for mounting industrial equipment). The structure, which weighed 42 tonnes and measured 10m x 3.7m x 5.05m, needed to be transferred to a vessel at Irlam on the Manchester Ship Canal. To further add to the challenge, the delivery was both time-sensitive and the cargo of a high value.

The solution

We assembled a large operations team combining different skills and experience to ensure the lift went smoothly. Although Irlam was chosen largely for time reasons, the team was a factor, as was the port having a crane capable of lifting 80 tonnes.

Two of our team travelled to the packing site ahead of the transfer to be briefed on lifting points, which proved to be a vital piece of preparation. The original set-up meant there was very limited clearance for feeding the lifting slings around the structure, so our team recommended extra steps that would allow the lift to take place with greater ease and security.

The operation ran smoothly throughout the planning process, due to great collaboration and communication between Collett & Sons and Peel Ports, sharing drawings and information throughout.  

Another important member of the project team was the ship’s agent, Corys, who kept all parties involved updated on the vessel location throughout journey to prevent unnecessary hold ups.

Eric Crosby, Project’s Director, Collett & Sons Ltd, said: “This is the second time in recent months we have worked with Peel Ports on project cargo and heavy lift operations and on both occasions they have been a pleasure to deal with. Peel Ports and Collett working in partnership allows us to provide a complete lifting and transport solution for project cargo and we look forward to our future collaborations.

Laura Wood, Sales Manager (Peel Ports Group): “Irlam offers the ideal combination of the right facilities with an expert team, allowing us to provide a wide range of services. We’re also able to draw on the talents of our wider group. We’re very pleased to have been part of this successful project.