Liverpool makes light work of heavy lift

11 January 2018

The Challenge

By their very nature, windfarms are located right across the country, often in some of the areas most remote from ports and the rest of the supply chain network. So getting the infrastructure and materials needed to build and maintain them is often a major logistical challenge. A perfect recent example of this was when freight forwarder Maltacourt was tasked with transporting Canadian manufactured transmission lines across the Atlantic to meet a tight project deadline in the Northeast of Scotland.

Based in Runcorn and with offices in Canada, Maltacourt is a global operator experienced in providing a bespoke service for transporting difficult cargos from A to B. They realised that the delivery site in Scotland wasn’t equipped to offload 40ft containers weighing over 10 tonnes each and that they needed to find an alternative solution to get the heavy overhead transmission lines to the construction area.

An efficient and reliable way was needed to complete the project, and the business also wanted to collaborate with a partner that understood and appreciated their requirements fully, and offered them cost-effective solutions. Maltacourt, with a positive existing relationship with Peel Ports, looked to the Port of Liverpool for a solution.

The Solution

Peel Ports, with its unique heavy lift offering in Liverpool, regularly provides customers with use of specialist equipment to help with any cargo which is out of the ordinary, from wind turbine blades to plane wings. And as well as general purpose containers, it can also handle open-top and flatrack containers for over- or odd-sized cargos.

Peel Ports were able to safely and efficiently de-van the transmission lines at the port, before loading them onto flat bed lorries for dedicated delivery into Scotland. Turnaround time at the delivery site greatly improved as a result and the client was able to offload the poles directly from the flat beds.

Adam Williams, Commercial Director at Maltacourt, said: “Peel Ports were a very important part of the supply chain process and by working with them we were able to achieve our objectives for the client and deliver this project in the most effective way possible.

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