Enabling Modular Construction Success

08 June 2022



Recently, Peel Ports Group worked with Molo Hotels, an owner, operator and developer of branded hotels who operate in the UK, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.


The firm is currently building two hotels in Liverpool City Centre; a Hotel Indigo and a Holiday Inn Express. Both hotels are being constructed using modular bedroom technology and are due to open in Autumn 2022.


The modular construction approach has been around for a while and offers a wide range of advantages, including shorter schedules, lower construction costs, better quality control, and smaller carbon footprints.


The Challenge


The client had around 200 modular units that were manufactured in Northern Poland.


To minimise supply chain risk and reduce the chance of any expensive construction delays, Molo wanted to bring the modules to the UK and store them locally.


Each module weighs 3.5 tonnes, and handling such cargo safely and efficiently requires specialist facilities and skills.


The Solution


Molo Hotels is working with us at the Port of Liverpool due to our deep-water berths, strategic location as well as our heavy lift equipment for unloading modular units onto the port carefully.


Our ports also provide value-added options, such as space on-site to store and protect the modular units from adverse weather conditions and repair the protective membranes when required.


Richard Whitehead, Finance Director at Molo Hotels, said: “Our first reason for working with Port of Liverpool is that they’ve got the facilities and onward transport links that we required. We need a supply chain provider that we can trust and share our commitment to quality. That’s what we’re getting with Peel Ports, thanks to their excellent customer service and expert advice.”


Phil Burkert, Sales Manager at Peel Ports Group, said: “Port of Liverpool was delighted to partner with Molo Hotels on this latest addition to their modular portfolio.


Our General cargo team engaged with Molo’s teams in the UK and in Europe to ensure seamless planning, delivery, handling and storage of almost 200 modular hotel units. Our location, experience and infrastructure ensured Port of Liverpool was the perfect partner for Molo hotels and this impressive city centre project.”