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Brexit Unlocked

The UK supply chain needs to continue to deliver in these testing times

The shortage of HGV drivers in the UK continues to rise during these uncertain times. Shipping freight without lorry drivers could help to avoid shortages of essential supplies – including food, medical supplies and other equipment. UK logistics could be impacted just as badly as any other sector, but it must keep working to ensure shops are stocked and essential supplies reach their destination. Millions of cargo units every year are transported by lorries on RORO (roll-on, roll-off) ferries, using a single driver throughout the length of the journey, including the sea leg. There is already a HGV driver shortage and this is only likely to get worse in coming days, weeks and months.

Using the unaccompanied freight model that operates successfully on the Irish Sea could help many businesses to survive during this time and play their part in the national response. Rather than travel as accompanied freight, with a cab and driver, cargo that is not perishable, or where time is not of the essence, can move on unaccompanied services. This means that only the lorry trailer containing the goods is shipped. Drivers are free then to complete other jobs rather than losing time waiting for departures or travelling and the cargo trailers are moved on and off the vessel by special tugs, before then being picked up by another driver for the onward journey (potentially after a period in storage).

Drop trailer services, providing logistic solutions

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Keep your supply chain rolling

Unaccompanied freight lowers drivers risk and keeps their productivity per shift high, helping to avoid shortages of essential supplies

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Better utilsation of drivers possible

Using the unaccompanied freight mode allows businesses to prioritise resources and play their part in the national response

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Drop trailer services, providing logistic solutions

Unaccompanied freight helps mitigate the shortage of HGV drivers during these uncertain times

Going alone to preserve links in the supply chain

Blog from Our Port Director – RoRo and Logistics Services - Riccardo Tonelli

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