Safety 365

Safety 365

New group wide safety initiative launched

Effective health and safety (H&S) management is essential in order to achieve control of the risks and create sustainable improvements in H&S performance. Managing H&S should not be seen as a separate activity from the function of managing the business, rather than as an integral part of the basic management model

'Safety 365' will make H&S much more visible in the business and it will have 5 main themes:

  1. It is important that everyone working on our sites is COMPETENT in the job they are doing.
  2. We also need to make sure that we COMMUNICATE effectively about H&S matters (whether it is good or bad) and that we are transparent in our approach. This is how we learn.
  3. Everyone must CONFORM to the H&S rules and guidance in place.
  4. Across the group there are different operations in the various locations but wherever possible we need to be CONSISTENT in the way we manage risk
  5. Most importantly, everybody should understand that all accidents are preventable; working safely is everyone’s responsibility and this needs to be part of our CULTURE.

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