Peel Ports Heroes

Our time to say thank you has never been more important.

There has never been a more important time to say ‘thank you’. Our Port key workers are dedicated to keeping the UK supply chain rolling. We’ll be saying an extra ‘thanks’ to a Peel Ports Hero each day. Across operations, vessel tracking, stevedoring, engineering, customer service and many other areas of the business.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson, Local Port Service. Maintaining the reliable and safe navigation of all vessels across the Clyde and Heysham.


Neil Mullaley

Neil Mullaley, from Containers at the Port of Liverpool. Neil is dedicated to safety and team work, always demonstrating positivity and supporting his team.

David Aindow

David Aindow, from Containers at the Port of Liverpool. David has stepped into a support role in the Resource Team of our Containers Division, to help cover additional duties.

Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds, from Operations at the Port of Liverpool. Mark runs the operations at Liverpool Container Terminal, he dedicates endless hours to the business.

Joe Garner

Joe Garner, from Containers at the Port of Liverpool. Joe has put in hard work towards driving the tugs onsite and ensuring containers make it to the quayside.

Robert Campbell

Robert Cambell, Quay Foreman at Greenock Ocean Terminal. Robert has been working hard to sanitise our terminal to ensure all staff have a safe and clean working environment.

Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl Hughes, QSSHE Administrator. Cheryl plays an important role in maintaining the quality, health, safety and environment of the business!

Roy Townsend

Roy Townsend, Permit to Work Controller. We would like to thank Roy for ensuring critical operation works day to day and his positive attitude. 

John Fitzpatrick

John Fitzpatrick, Engineering Team Leader at Dublin. In this challenging time John and the team have worked hard to secure supplies to keep our employees and partners safe. Thank you John! 

David Druce

During these challenging times, David has gone above and beyond the call of duty. David is a great team player and is always displaying a great attitude. Thank you for your ongoing hard work!

Cathy Wright & Jacqueline O’Connell

Both Cathy and Jacqueline have worked in the Maritime Centre for many years, but never has their cleaning been so important. Working tirelessly in keeping the Maritime Centre safe for its staff and visitors. Thank you both!

Ant Young

Planning vessel discharge activities at London Medway for our customers who are supporting activities such as packaging for the food industry and fruit imports. 

Tony Baxter 

Tony has been instrumental in engaging and organising people, resourcing and purchasing supplies. Tony has been taking the lead in arranging food supplies for staff, and is now organising his team to help put together ‘lunch packs’ for all the employees in a show of solidarity and team spirit! Thank you Tony!

Donna Long

In these challenging times, Donna has been assisting our teams by conducting container seal checks, which has enabled vital food and pharmaceutical supplies to continue to move through the Port of Liverpool without delay at a critical time. Thank you Donna!

Heysham's Heroes -

Tom Clark, Gary Ingle, Michael Dobson and Paul Byrne.

Thank you to the team in Heysham for their ongoing hard work and commitment to the business!

Ian Beresford

He’s been working 12hr shifts with the team to keep the Steel terminal discharging vessels and been instrumental in putting safe working practices in place to combat the challenge of COVID-19. Thank you Ian!

Jenny Edwards

Thank you to Jenny for maintaining the safe and efficient traffic flow of vessels calling across Peel Ports to deliver those all important supplies.

Luke Sebastian

During this difficult time, Luke has been doing a great job to ensure that  all marine services are carried out in a safe and efficient manner helping to keep our ports moving! Thank you Luke.

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