Why London Medway is building for the future

How we build our homes has changed drastically in the past 25 years and the port sector is playing a major role in making sure the UK keeps on building. Andrew Hunter, Sales Manager at Peel Ports London Medway explains how modular construction is the greener, quicker and more cost effective way of building the homes of tomorrow.

Gone are the days when buildings were made solely of bricks and mortar. In 2019, it’s also less common to see construction projects which stretch into years rather than weeks or months to complete.

Innovation has transformed how we build our homes. Pre-fabricated walls, foundations and roofs mean that how we build and what we build with has changed quite drastically.

The port sector has played a huge role in helping modular construction succeed and grow over the past 25 years. The expertise to handle, store and transport the materials used in modular construction are essential in order to keep the country building.

This is a growing industry which the UK Government is promoting as a way to create more much needed housing in a quicker way. It’s estimated that there are around 15,000 homes a year created this way in the UK, and this figure is set to rise.

Kent was recently named as one of Britain’s prefab home hotspots, with around 700 homes a year built from factory-assembled modules. Medway is an especially active hotspot for prefab construction, as there are currently three developments being built using this method.

Dave Harris, Head of Planning for Medway Council, has explained that this style of home construction is 40% faster than traditional building methods, and a newly arrived pod can be ready to accommodate its new owners within four weeks. This is a timeline that is especially beneficial to councils that are being pressured by the government to hit their housebuilding targets. 

At Peel Ports we’re acutely aware of the changing nature of the construction sector. That’s why at London Medway we have a unique offering to help assist the growth of modular construction in the South East.

We’ve recently seen £5.5 million investment into London Medway to replace the Royal Bridge Pontoon. This upgrade work has allowed larger stern ramp RoRo vessels to berth at the port and increase our overall capacity for throughput.

We have unrivalled deep-water in the South East with unrestricted lock-free access to our quayside meaning we can welcome large vessels which require up to 11m water-depth.

We offer global connections via short and deep-sea routes meaning we’re connected to the rest of the world and able to help our customers ship pre-fabricated housing materials from wherever their factories are located.

And with 450 acres of storage and a further 200 acres of development land at the port, we’re able to safely store materials until they are required on site to be constructed. Onward transportation is also no issue thanks to our location with direct links to M2, M20 and M25 motorways.

As we continue to work with more customers involved in the construction industry in the South East, our knowledge, infrastructure and expertise also improves. As the industry continues to grow, so do we. With that in mind we look forward to continue playing a key role in building for the future.

To find out more about how London Medway can help you build for the future, click HERE.

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