Scotland’s hub for bulks and project cargo

By Elaine Bennett, Sales Manager at Peel Ports

For customers in the bulks, agri-bulks and project cargo sectors, a combination of strategic location, logistics facilities and solutions hold the key to supply chain efficiencies.

As Sales Manager at Peel Ports Clydeport, my role is to tailor our offering to provide our customers with end-to-end services, which cover everything from cargo handling to storage and distribution.

Clydeport King George V Dock (KGV) is Scotland’s premier bulks and project cargo port and our expertise and facilities allow us to handle these commodities and a vast range of others including forest products, on-shore, construction and steel.

One stop solution

Customers are always looking for innovative supply chain solutions that improve efficiencies, while reducing costs.

Since KGV opened in July 1931, we are continually investing to create a versatile dock that provides flexible storage space and state-of-the art facilities, any combination of which can be utilised by our customers to provide the end-to-end solutions they require.

KGV, the main up-river port serving the region, is positioned on a large site, comprising of 32.6 hectares of outside storage and 60,000m2 of sheltered storage space.

The dock has a 1586m long quay, including a 529m long riverside quay with a water depth of 8.5m, allowing us to harness growth opportunities for new and existing customers and drive efficiencies.

We made a further investment of two Gottwald harbour mobiles, with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes each, enabling us to handle significantly larger volumes of all bulks and project cargo commodities.

Sea Route Port Services, an international shipping and port services agency, are one such customer that has benefited from our investment at the port. Sea Route have worked with us for 18 years and we have consistently supported the agency with the reliable and efficient international facilitation of import and export project cargoes.

In March this year, they imported a wind turbine unit totalling 130 tonnes, an import made possible by the KGV cranes that were able to be handle the heavy and valuable load safely and efficiently.

Gateway to Scotland and beyond

Location is key when it comes to effective routes to market. Positioned on the banks of the River Clyde, a stone’s throw from Glasgow city centre, KGV is well-positioned for fast and easy distribution of cargo.

Whether that’s to a local market – the port has access to two million people within its catchment area – or further afield, we can provide cargo transportation via road, rail and water.

During a partnership which has lasted more than four decades, customer Irish Salt Mining – a leading distributer of de-icing rock salt – has benefited from strategic location of KGV.

It offers the perfect entry point for rock salt mined in Northern Ireland to enter the Scottish market, where it has contracts with 15 local authorities and numerous private road contractors. The customer even operates its own jetty, which provides them security in knowing they can ship, unload and distribute rock salt in just 12 hours, allowing them to react quickly to customer demand during periods of changeable weather.

Our location and flexible storage contract – which allows them to store anything from 28,0000 upwards of rock salt at any one time, means we have helped significantly reduce the cost per tonne.

KGV is part of the Clydeport group of terminals which provide some of the most advanced facilities in Europe. Our customers have access to all of these facilities, including Greenock Ocean Terminal, Scotland’s deepest container terminal, which has a 372-metre quay length and 12.6 metres draft to accommodate vessels with ease.

I will be at Breakbulk Europe 2019 discussing how KGV and our other Clydeport terminals can offer you flexible, end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Visit stand Q77 to find out more about our Scottish hub for bulks and project cargo. 

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