How Clydeport’s project cargo capabilities help customers to success

As one of the most comprehensive providers of end to end marine solutions in the world, Glasgow-headquartered Malin Marine demands quality and reliability from its supply chain partners in order to deliver complex projects that achieve its customer’s needs.

For a number of years, Peel Ports’ Clydeport has supported Malin Group on various marine projects.

A large proportion of the project cargo Malin handles are wide and heavy loads which normally require to be transported by sea and thus access onto the river is essential.

To take an example, one of Malin Marines recent major projects was Minesto Buoy. The renewable energy project involved the design and construction of a micro grid system (MGS) buoy that will be used a tidal energy installation at Holyhead Deep, Wales.

Having been designed, constructed and assembled at Malin Fabrication in Renfrew, the large structure was safely moved to Clydeport’s deep water King George V (KGV) dock for final commissioning prior to being launched into the River Clyde by two of our heavy lift quayside cranes and in preparation for tow direct to the offshore site.

Graham Tait, MD, Malin Marine, said: “It is important for us to be able to move marine structures from our manufacturing facility at Renfrew to the River for float-out our load-out and onward transportation as required by our customers. Peel Ports / KGV Dock proved suitable for this project with the quayside space, Craneage and water depth available”

“Working closely with the team at Clydeport, we are able to develop a solutions-focused service for our customers – many of which are transporting wide and heavy loads like the Minesto Buoy.

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