Primary Metal Service at the Port of Liverpool

Scale Distribution has, for over 20 years, been part of the London metal exchange physical warehousing regime. In 2014 they formed a third party alliance in Liverpool with the ISTIM GROUP USA who offer extensive global LME warehousing movements in Europe, USA and Asia. Scale Distribution’s partnership with Peel Ports, Port of Liverpool has resulted in discharge procedures that Scale recognise as favourably competing alongside the most experienced ports in Europe when handling primary metals’.

For the recently received 8,000MT shipment from St Petersburg, Dave Day, owner, from Scale Distribution said, “Peel Ports have set a new benchmark for us with their recent primary metals service, which compares very favourably with that provided via Rotterdam and Antwerp. The primary metal produce, ship owner and trader we worked with all acknowledged the excellent discharge rates, vessel turn-around and delivery performance. That can only happens with great teamwork. Peel Ports have helped us with their flexible approach and good discharge rates”.

Phil Burkert, Steel and Metals Sales Manager for the Port of Liverpool said: “As a new commodity, it was critical that we worked collaboratively with our customer to ensure the most efficient handling and discharge of this cargo. Through that interaction and visits to European ports well versed in handling these cargoes, we were able to put in place robust handling procedures and discharging techniques which have delivered consistently high productivity. Figures which are equal to, if not better than, the most experienced ports across the world who handle such commodities.”

“In turn that allows our experienced team to work to their capabilities and deliver for our customers, making Liverpool a genuine cost effective alternative for future shipments for the placing and delivery of LME primary metals.”

For more information on Steel & Metal services with Peel Ports click HERE.

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