Purpose and Values

Delivering exceptional port logistic solutions

Working with our existing customers we aim to extend and transform their supply chain, increasing efficiency and offering a service that helps them maximise their potential. This, in turn, will help us increase and improve the service we offer new customers. Supporting this philosophy are the core strategies that will serve to drive the way we develop and manage our Group activities.

Specifically, we will prioritise investment for the regions, commodity markets and facilities in areas that show the greatest potential for growth. We will take advantage of central and commercial relationships, exploiting our scale to build an organisational and operating model that provides opportunities benefiting from investments in scale. And we will integrate shipping to benefit the ports, using BG Freight Line to boost our ports in their development and competitive plans.

Our Business Values

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Integrity and honesty

Having integrity and being honest are fundamental requirements of personal development. Honesty and integrity produce trust which in turn produces confidence and encourages us to take risks in order to fulfill our goal.

Heartfelt Customer Service

Creating positive customer experience is what we strive to do. Our customer relationships are long term and need to be sustained, they are not simply transactional.

One Team

Whatever the strength of individuals we will always accomplish more together. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability.

Strive for excellence

We follow and uphold the rules and standards set for our business and remain committed to quality outcomes, have a thirst to learn and to continuously improve.

Personal responsibility

We are accountable for our decisions and actions, together with the outcomes we create and the impact on others.