Automotive logistics

Accelerating your supply chain

Our automotive import and export ability has changed up a gear, increasing substantially over recent years by taking advantage of significant growth opportunities, both in the North and South of the UK. We’ve developed capacity and partnerships which mean we can offer you cost-effective ways to bring your vehicles to distributors and export markets more quickly and efficiently than ever.

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Ports for Automotive logistics


We can supply automotive logistics solutions at the following ports: Liverpool, Clydeport, London Medway and Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth

You can park any concerns you have about transporting vehicles thanks to our leading Automotve logistics. Here at Great Yarmouth, we have the experience, facilities and drive to keep your supply chain running smoothly. We have dedicated and secure port-side storage for vehicles waiting for distribution and can easily handle your automotive cargo with our revamped port services and stevedoring. Our new outer harbour has the ability to accommodate large RoRo vessels and recently disembarked 3,300 Hyundai cars from the largest ship in the world.


Here at Port of Heysham we have the systems, technology and state-of-the-art car handling facilities to keep you in control and make your supply chain as agile and efficient as possible. With unrestricted access to the Irish Sea and excellent road links to the UK we are perfectly placed for both the import and export of cars, vans and lorries. We have secure handling and storage facilities for up to 2,000 vehicles and have a dedicated team of specialists with over 20 years of experience in supplying automotive logistics solutions.


At Peel Ports Liverpool, one of the largest ports in the UK, plans are in place to further develop our rapidly growing automotive capacity, utilising our excellent multimodal sea, rail and road network access plus the most convenient RoRo routes to Ireland.

Here are just some of the service benefits you can enjoy when you work with us:

  • A wealth of experience handling automotive marques from global manufacturers.
  • Unbeatable import and export dockyard facilities and on-site storage.
  • Modern systems designed to help ensure the cost-effective storage and  transport of your vehicles.
  • Superior automotive market knowledge and understanding.
  • Superior dockside handling to ensure vehicles are loaded/unloaded and stored with the maximum of care.

London Medway

The Port of Sheerness handled nearly half a million vehicles last year. To support automotive operations at London Medway we have built a PDI Centre which will include pre-delivery inspection, and technical and enhancement services for around 50,000 vehicles per year.

To make our automotive service even more comprehensive, we have made improvements to our infrastructure that give improved RoRo services. This has been coupled with revamped port services and stevedoring to cope with the growing demand.

Commodities for Automotive logistics


In recent years at Peel Ports we’ve grown our automotive import and export business substantially. We have developed partnerships and taken advantage of significant growth opportunities, both in the North and South of the UK. The result is a forward-thinking, efficient, cost-effective way to help bring your vehicles to your distributors and export markets.  One unlike any other.


Peel Ports is committed to supporting the automotive sector transform its supply chains.

We feel that our commitment makes us a special sort of ports operator. Our commitment has already made a big difference to our partners. Our commitment means that the automotive sector now has so many more options.

There are three pillars to our commitment:

  1. Our commitment to Investment and Infrastructure
  2. Our commitment to Leadership and Collaboration
  3. Our commitment to Creativity and Service