Wellmarsh Project achieves 100,000 hours without incident

Peel Ports London Medway recently completed 100,000 working hours without a single injury during the Wellmarsh project. The hours worked encompass the demolition, bridge and remediation/civils works.

Wellmarsh, is a crucial part of Peel Ports London Medway’s 20-Year Masterplan; set to transform the local economy. The construction has been particularly challenging, involving complex demolition works as well as remediation of contaminated land next to an operational area.

To solve these challenges, Peel Ports Group employed the services of three main contractors working closely with each other. During the procurement process it was important to make sure that the project benefited the local area. As such, the biggest contracts were awarded to firms based in Kent, utilising a local workforce and supply chain.

Paul Barker, Port Director, Peel Ports London Medway, said “Safety is Peel Ports’ most important business priority, and this is reflected in the culture we instil on site. We select contractors with industry-leading procedures and practices, who clearly demonstrate the values we require. In most cases, we have selected local firms who employ direct labour, ensuring that our capital investment stays in the local economy. To overlay this with a culture of zero harm is an inherent part of our business practices.”

Ron Hunter, Group Health and Safety Director said “The 100,000 hour milestone is further evidence that our Safety365 Initiative, aimed at reducing the number of workplace accidents to zero across Peel Ports Group, is working. I am extremely proud of the team at London Medway as this is a great achievement”

The 100,000 hours also include work on the new Wildfire Bridge, opening in November 2017. Once completed, the £3m bridge will link the Port of Sheerness to Wellmarsh - currently being developed to handle automotive cargo.

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