Peel Ports Brings Agency Staff In-house

Agency staff working at the Port of Liverpool to transfer as permanent employees

The move affects around 323 staff currently supplied by Blue Arrow who work largely at the Port of Liverpool. The majority of these will TUPE transfer to Peel Ports and become direct employees rather than agency workers. This includes crane operators, straddle carrier operators, stevedores and other ground staff. A small number will TUPE to Briggs Marine - Peel Ports’ supplier for marine services.

Mark Whitworth, Peel Ports chief executive officer, said: “Having invested heavily in our infrastructure at Liverpool2, bringing all Container Division colleagues together under the Peel Ports Group umbrella is a logical next step.

“This change will help us to create a safer, more inclusive and more rewarding working environment for all. It is excellent news for our staff, which is why we’ve had such a positive reaction from Unite.

“This also reflects our confidence and long-term commitment to positioning Liverpool as a competitive route to international markets and a major port for global trade which will support the growth of the group and the local economy in the future.”

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “This positive step is testament to the hard work and perseverance of Unite members and their shop stewards. It marks a significant change in employment arrangements for this group of workers at the Port of Liverpool and gives them the greater security of direct employment.

“As a former Liverpool dock worker, I know that this agreement will not only bring additional stability to the lives of dock workers and their families, but will underline the Port of Liverpool’s commitment to growth as a major source of decent jobs for the local community.

“The Port of Liverpool is a gateway to the world with a world class workforce. Unite looks forward to building on this move with Peel Ports, providing greater career progression opportunities for its staff and ensuring that the Port of Liverpool goes from strength to strength.”

It is hoped that all the transfers will be complete by 26 March 2018.

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