Hauliers – Statement

“Hauliers accessing the Port of Liverpool have full use of the customer service toilets on Container Terminals 1 and 2 which we are solely responsible for.

“The average turnaround time for hauliers using the VBS (Vehicle Booking System) in our container terminals via our AutoGates is 23 minutes, which reduces queuing significantly. That said, we do agree that operations outside the port estate - where hauliers do queue - need to be looked into. We have already written to our tenants to encourage them to introduce a technology led solution away from the port estate which connects with their systems and will help reduce queuing times for hauliers as a result. We have also reached out to relevant local authorities who look after the roads the hauliers use, to engage in coming up with a viable solution to drivers’ needs.”


Dockworkers – Statement

“We take the comfort of our staff and visitors seriously which is evidenced by our £250,000 investment in upgrading the customer service facilities which are available to dock workers on the Container Terminals.

“We have an external catering company which is available to everyone on site from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are also in the process of appointing external caterers to run the canteen on Terminal 2, 24/7.  Once appointed, the same hot and cold food options being offered on Terminal 2 will be made available on Terminal 1 for dockworkers to enjoy.

“We can confirm that at any one time there are 94 people working on site. Of that 94, only 20 people will be on a break at the same time. Our investment in the facilities means that the 303 people employed by Blue Arrow who work on our terminals have the right ratio of amenities to suit their needs overall.”


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