Why looking North is making a big difference

Peel Ports working in partnership with Trinity Logistics Limited 

Chronic congestion and scarce haulage capacity at the UK’s southern ports have pushed delays to reach the 10 day mark in recent weeks. And with no sign of queues easing, shipping companies are increasingly looking north and rerouting cargoes to ports located elsewhere in the country.

One company championing the Port of Liverpool to its customers is Bootle-based Trinity Logistics, an International Freight Forwarding company that currently handles 70% of its UK containers through Liverpool and the remaining 30% through southern ports.

Since its inception in 2017, Trinity Logistics and founder Amanda Unsworth have formed a strong relationship with Peel Ports, which it will call upon as the company prepares to expand two-fold, with over 12,000 TEU projected to be handled over the course of 2019.

Explaining their rationale for expanding Unsworth, said: “As chaos continues to unfold in the south, the reliable two-day turnaround following discharge at the Port of Liverpool is an attractive option for shipping companies seeking to avoid last-minute ship diversions. On the back of this, we are encouraging our customers to re-route to Liverpool to cut waiting times and take advantage of the integrated service offered by Peel Ports.”

As the company continues to expand at such a fast rate, it’s critical that trusted partners such as Peel Ports can be called upon to deliver a reliable service. The door-to-door service offered by Peel Ports means Trinity is able to bring its customers a one-stop, cost-effective supply chain solution serviced through the Port of Liverpool.

With in-land delays being experienced at ports in the south, Peel Ports’ multimodal capabilities, with quayside storage, road and rail links ensure an efficient and seamless onward service throughout the rest of the UK and beyond.

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