United with Senvion: a shared vision of a renewable future

The challenge

A pioneer in global wind energy, Senvion UK Ltd has installed over 1000 wind turbines in the UK since 2005. This equates to 8500 abnormal loads (comprising a range of components from blades, tower sections to hubs and nacelles) having been required to support those installations. A key part of successfully building onshore wind farms safely and efficiently comes down to clever logistics which ensure materials are shipped, discharged and transported in a prudent and meticulous way.

Shipping very large and valuable cargo from as far afield as China, Senvion needed to work with a port operator in Scotland with the necessary skills to efficiently discharge, store and help with the onward transport of its cargo.

Senvion has been instrumental in the development of a range of onshore and offshore wind farms in Scotland including Kype Muir and Middle Muir. In order to ship its materials – which include rotor blades with diameters of up to 152m and 100m tall towers – it needed to work with a port operator with specialist  skills and experience, which is why Senvion began working with Peel Ports at King George V Dock (KGV) near Glasgow.

The solution

The majority of Senvion’s materials required for constructing wind turbines arrive at KGV from either China, Germany or Portugal. In order to make the discharge process as simple and safe as possible our team at KGV carry out a cargo audit, risk assessments and plan well in advance before ships arrive carrying Senvion’s cargo.

Senvion transports its components to all areas in Scotland, including throughout the central belt, but also further north towards Thurso and Invergordon. Because of this, KGV, which is centrally located only 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre is the perfect solution. The multi-user port terminal sits on the doorstep of Scotland’s extensive rail and motorway network, allowing for fast and easy distribution of cargo.

The versatile dock, which opened in July of 1931, is located on a vast site with 32.6 hectares of outside storage and 60,000 m2 of sheltered storage space. Senvion have been able to take advantage of storage and cleaning facilities to ensure their materials are ready to be transported to site. The additional storage allows it to plan ahead and be flexible when committing to projects across the country.


“The staff at KGV are true professionals who are passionate about the job in hand. They consistently deliver when handling incoming cargo which is often heavy, bulky and valuable. Sections of our materials which we use to construct turbine towers arrive at the port stacked and require tandem lift procedures which require expert stevedoring which the staff at KGV have in spades.  
“Peel’s strategic planning and communication is the key to this success. With the collective buy in of the entire supply chain – from hauliers to stevedores – there is a culture of respect and care which allows us to deliver products to site safely and on time.Thanks to our shared long-term vision in the future of renewables, we have been extremely pleased with our collaboration with Peel Ports to date and we look forward to working with Peel Ports in the future as well. ”
Murray Gardiner, UK logistics manager – Senvion UK Ltd
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